'I Don't Know How it Happened,... But'

'I Don't Know How it Happened,... But'

Annie Hayes-Pantony

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‘I don’t know how it happened,…but’ with Annie

Welcome to my crazy journey to midlife. And congratulations for reaching this stage. Aren’t we amazing! At last a time when we recognise that we can and we should put ourselves first.

Some hilarious situations, I mean I could literally write a book (ding, light bulb moment!!) Some not so great, but hey I’m gonna share all. No subject off limits.

You can expect to hear some great advice & tips ladies and I’ve got some fascinating guests lined up who can offer real insight into managing midlife hormonal changes and challenges.

With me, sometimes even the most sensitive subjects…need to be laughed about. And when we’re laughing together - it’s so much better. I definitely need to cross my legs a bit tighter these days though, do you?

So get your cuppa (Wine!), get comfy, cause we’re going on this ride together.




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