Failed State - NoGo Sweden

Failed State - NoGo Sweden

Jade Brauer / CTU-GO WesternEurope

About this podcast

This podcast is about the failed state of Sweden, namely the largest of nogo zones - today, in Europe and all the events and people that led up to this day. Finding myself rather alone with two little children, facing all the upset and challanged radicals and jihadi network´s. In the election of 2018 i single-handedley increades the democratic influx within it, having a record number of people coming out to vote.

When the election was over, the party which i worked (illigally) for left. Having challanged those together with me, they ran away - yet being the one challanging party within swedish parliament to "save sweden".
The failures within this party and it´s, to say least, shaky organization because of these people are being exposed too, together with all the officlas working at the municipality - city of Stockholm.
Every live-show together with insane mixes that even keep my worst demons on the dancefloor, and away from head - during nights i am simply to afraid to fall back aslepp after insane nightmares from hell.

This is my last base and foot-print of my life in Sweden, after a whole life in it´s today infamous nogo zones. Once called, Home.
This podcast and platform stands as for the network, which i started to build in the beginning of the conflict - started out with 19 people in Järva - today stands a network containing more then 34.000 across Europe. Yet, all in or from it´s many and increasing numbers of no go zones. Not the least, in our liberal countries. Like France, UK, Sweden and Germany.



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