Deogan Experience - Sweden
Deogan Experience - Sweden

General info

Creators of Euro-N. Setting up this new radio-station for listerners across the western world. But above all, for myself as i am about to venture onto my to date most scariest journey - of recovering from my severe traumatization. During my time of "landing" and refelecting i will, foremost, be reflecting upon events and people toghether with you.


I got severe traumatized after an insane conflict with radicals within the no go zones of Sweden - and this stands as my road home to find myself again. I jumped my democratic tour after having travelled to France, Italy, Germany, the U.K. and of course sweden - places that i at the time of these horrible events taking place in the nogo zones, all out an insane conflict with jihadists and extremimsts (networks). As i am not on the offical scheduling or shows, this will become my main tool of dancing with my demons. At the time can´t be scheduled as our well being simply wont allow it. It will be announced here on our stations-page, two hours at least in advance.


As some of the the topics and events are only being known of all details to my circles in the EU as well as in Northern Am´s, i beg your pardon if things may get "internal" but 99% i will try and give it away as publicly understandable as i can.

Do you want to know me, who i truly am? Most welcome where i will dance with my demons spontaniously - as i am to talk when my panic-attacks are hitting hard. Mixed with some demonic-dans-mixes and talks about the western nogo zones and radicalization. Please bear with me, as it only feels good to think you are there at some end - but even if you are not, dont tell me. As i am in a shaky state and maybe broadcasts comes irregular- but i promise to do my very best.

Radio & Podcast

As we ourselfes can´t promise structure when the shows are live, neither can i expect it from my great listeners who reached a whole new level awareness of what many are talking about, loves to talk about, but don´t have any experience or greater knowledge listerners - The segregated areas, nogo zones and the conflicts and developments taking place within. All shows, insane demonic dance-mixes (made during terrifyin hours of insomna) will be saved and make out our new podcast. In Swe & EU it will be published right here as well for you to listen to whenever you feel like it.

Sweden & EU

This is the base of knowledge above all about my l.ife in Sweden, my journey over to the "other mountain" namely - the sweden democrats and my reasons. The just as insane conflict within that mountain i found myself in and all the blanks and questions people might have from that very strange time. As we are sending inside of N-A on the AM band, this will be re-verted and come out as an internet radio. (I am sorry if the sound may differ).

The video base are my inoficiall youtube channel. Audio base are here. Only two places you´ll need for one hell of journey. Thats for sure...

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Testing Sweden setup


April 30, 2022

End of the runway

(Greater Toronto bay area) We are launching the firtst episod of one very strong story...

November 11, 2021


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November 11, 2021