When we turned the tides - Gangrape paradise  Sweden

When we turned the tides - Gangrape paradise Sweden

Tommy Deogan

About this episode

1996-98, two brutal gang-rapes had taken place within 6 months and this new low-life crime was on the rise.. As we went into the courtroom, we were met by an image that would burn itself to my senses for the rest of my life. This is amongst the few times that I am actually proud and do not regret for one second the equally brutal violence we inflicted upon the gang-rape supporters.

The feeling of how that poor Swedish family shined up and bought us lunch was forever standing as a compass to me, not only to do what's right but even a reflection of how this society slowly but surely is turning out to be what we pinpointed. But did we ever actually believe it? No. Of course, a country like Sweden would stop it long before we became this new Harlem. Looking back at things, not even Harlem is having such problems because the people of Harlem, regardless of their heritage, see themselves as being "Americans" and no racism there...

The courtroom represented this new Sweden. A terrified mother and father alone supporting a Swedish woman who was being just as terrified. The room was full of supporters to the gang-rapers, all from this infamous area. Watching that family and above all a father who felt helpless, I knew. People might actually die here today. And I looked on to the supporters who laughed and called the family names. One of those shitheads met my eyes and his smile washed off his face as he did. He simply saw in them, "i am going to piss right into you open wide skull. Right here, outside of the lega-justice system of this county".

And so i did. Met his wishes soon after, watching about 30 of them running away from the 3 of us, 3 who never stopped and unleashed such violence we never thought we were capable of unleashing. Even though we of course got police swarmed all over us, i am to this day filled with pride as i watch that young woman realizing we were her supporters, and we were all she needed to turn the tides in that courtroom. Were shameful scared dogs, acted all of a sudden as shameful scared shitless dogs. Without anyone on their side but the guards. I didn´t mind if they had me locked away for a month, that day represented the new Sweden that we were facing.

And as soon as i got out, i told one of the biggest new-papers:
"Tha gangs are tomorow are nothing of we have been seeing before, and if Swedes and immigrants within the suburbs do not join up now. Swedes are in for one hell of a ride. It took some 6 years and the hell-ride leaked outside of the areas.