Wind Chime Radio
Wind Chime Radio

Streaming from beautiful southern Massachusetts, Wind Chime Radio broadcasts the tranquil sounds of multiple tubular aluminum wind chimes powered naturally by the wind. Wind chimes promote positive energy, relaxation, healing, and reduce stress. They are Mother Nature's musical instruments!

Listen to WCR while doing yoga, meditating, napping, reading, folding laundry, or painting. WCR also provides the perfect background music for gift shops, bookstores, coffee shops, waiting rooms, nurseries, assisted living facilities, and hotel lobbies. Set your Internet radio's alarm to WCR and gently wake to wind chimes! Streaming in the superior AAC audio codec means these chimes will sound like they're right outside your window.

Please help keep WCR on the air by becoming a Patreon supporter today for just $1. Please also help spread the word about this very special station via social media, etc.

Thank you for listening and for your support!

Peaceful listening,

Peter Skiera

Wind Chime Radio Founder

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March 18, 2022