f you download an MP3 and you like what you hear, please take the time to seek out more material from the artist and purchase the songs or albums! ARTISTS ARE PEOPLE WHO SPEND LOTS OF TIME AND ENERGY TO KEEP FANS ENTERTAINED. LET'S KEEP THEM WELL FED AND ENERGIZED. Keep the CULTURE movin'!
Voice of the Underground (VOTU) is an online radio and tv that provides a platform to mostly unknown hiphop musicians without discrimination of location or country. This idea emerged from the tendecies of local (Kenyan) media that plays music from specific studios or artists, which isn’t different in nations in the continent.
VOTU began in 2005 under Ghetto to Ghetto Foundation to promote music. It became operational in early 20o8. Currently, it has music from allover Africa, and brought musicians to the world. This is visible on the website.
Apart from music streaming, programmes production (Defined Hiphop – Africa, Defined Hiphop – Kenya Extra, Swanglish and Afrolingo) and interviews have been incorporated. New programmes will be introduced in the coming 4 months.
Our traffic has been grow so fast globally.
So far, we have partners like Kuna Vijana, Inuka Kenya (Ni Sisi), Audio Kusini, Ufuoni Records, Kenyatta University radio, KGNU radio Colorado (USA), Revoda Mobile Apps (Nigeria), TZHiphop, and many more.
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Twitter: @voturadio
Call: +254 703799846

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