Sumangul Handa
Sumangul Handa

Dive into the rhythmic pulse of Sumangul Handa, the vibrant heartbeat of Sumangalians' Media & Broadcasting Unit. Created and curated by the collective effort of Sumangalians, this web radio station encapsulates the spirit and essence of our school community.

Sumangul Handa isn't just a platform; it's a symphony of voices, ideas, and stories that emanate from the diverse talents within our school. Crafted with care and passion by the members of Sumangalians' Media & Broadcasting Unit, each broadcast is a testament to creativity, innovation, and teamwork.

Driven by a shared love for communication and a dedication to fostering connections, Sumangul Handa serves as a bridge between students, teachers, and the wider community. From delivering news updates to hosting engaging discussions and showcasing artistic talents, Sumangul Handa offers a rich tapestry of content that reflects the vibrancy of school life.

At Sumangul Handa, every member plays a vital role in shaping the narrative and amplifying the voices that make our school unique. Together, we celebrate diversity, embrace inclusivity, and champion the values that define us as Sumangalians.

Join us on a journey through the soundscape of Sumangul Handa and experience the energy, passion, and creativity that fuel our school's web radio. Let the beat of Sumangul Handa guide you as we navigate through the rhythms of school life and beyond.

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