Rehoboth Radio NG
Rehoboth Radio NG
Rehoboth Radio is internet-based news, current affairs, entertainment, and lifestyle radio station set up to amplify the voices of the common man while elevating the standard of ethical broadcast journalism in deeds and practices.

Our Vision
To become the media organization reinstating the pristine status of the media as a tool for social engineering while maintaining the highest ideals of broadcast journalism.

Our Mission
1. Championing the cause of the oppressed everywhere in the world while upholding the truth at all times
2. Educating, informing, sensitizing, and entertaining the public with the optimal spice of variety
3. Producing original radio broadcast programs with utmost human interest as its prime focus
4. Providing the best variety of music with a healthy mix of epic and contemporary selection
5. Maintaining the standard of broadcast journalism in accordance with the Nigerian Broadcasting Code
6. Fostering an advertising standard that ensures optimal return on investment for advertisers as well as adequate value to the public

Rehoboth Radio | Our Core Values
i. Truthfulness
ii. Objectivity
iii. Fairness
iv. Dedication to the cause of the common man

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