Radio Purbakantho
Radio Purbakantho
The Radio Purbakantho is the Online radio of Bangladesh. The Radio Purbakantho has been stablished as a non-profit social entrepreneurship for uplifting the rural & char community of Bangladesh. Radio Purbakantho aims to provide necessary information through entertainment with a view to reducing poverty, discrimination and injustice of rural populations. In relation to this, Radio Purbakantho works together with community people for making & broadcasting daily 24-hour transmission including programs, talk-shows, and Songs.

The Radio Purbakantho is the highest on-airing community radio in Bangladesh.

Within the short period, Radio Purbakantho has built trust among local population and administration.

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Editor & Publisher: Md.Shafiqul Alam Shahin
Purbadhala, Netrakona, Mobile:01713573502

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