Radio Ndeke Luka
Radio Ndeke Luka
Radio Ndeke Luka (RNL) started broadcasting in 2000. It took over from Radio Minurca, the radio station of the United Nations Mission in the Central African Republic (CAR), which handed over the radio to Fondation Hirondelle after he left the country. The name "Ndeke Luka" was born from the contraction of "Ndeke", Sango word which evokes a bird, and "Luka", derived from the English "luck". "Ndeke Luka" thus means "The auspicious bird".

Rooted in its mission of public service and general interest, Radio Ndeke Luka strives to play a positive role in the reconstruction of the CAR by broadcasting in French and in Sango quality information and education programs, live political debates, interactive magazines focusing on human rights, youth, the status of women, development, health and good governance.
Information is free on Ndeke Luka. Press releases and invitations to press conferences cannot be received, even in terms of transport costs. The editorial staff of Ndeke Luka reserves the right to disseminate or not the information and to choose the angle of the treatment of this information in all independence and objectivity and in a balanced way while respecting the sensitivities of each one.

Founded on the principles and values ​​of Fondation Hirondelle, it has established itself as the benchmark national media. Radio Ndeke Luka is the radio station for all Central Africans. The 1st national audience study carried out to date in CAR by an independent firm (IMMAR Consulting & Research) in June 2017 shows that RNL is the 1st radio in CAR with more than 2 million listeners (60% of 15 years and more). The survey reveals that RNL clearly has a popular audience (87%) and is the most female CAR radio station (45%). “” is also the 2nd most visited news site in CAR.

In 2008, Fondation Hirondelle created the Ndeke Luka Foundation (FNL), an institution governed by Central African law, and placed RNL under the governance of the FNL. The transition is thus launched so that the Ndeke Luka Foundation gradually takes over the management of Radio Ndeke Luka. However, this initiative was stopped completely by the 2013 crisis. A process to relaunch the Board of Directors has been in place since 2018.