radio shahidi
radio shahidi

RADIO SHAHIDI is a community radio station in Isiolo, set up and owned by the Catholic Diocese of Isiolo. Being in a hardship area with frequent communal fights between different communities the radio was established to help sensitize people of Isiolo the importance of living in harmony and hence our slogan. Radio Shahidi is under the Catholic Bishops’ umbrella of Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops KCCB, Communications Commission.

"Shahidi wa Amani na Imani to preach and propagate for peace all over"

We cover Isiolo Central, Isiolo West, Isiolo South, some parts of Meru County, Some parts of Samburu County up to Maralal town and some parts of Laikipia County. Isiolo being a metropolitan town, there is a diversity of languages, we therefore broadcast in English and Swahili. Radio Shahidi is one of its own kind radio station in Isiolo and the surrounding. We are the most listened to radio Station around with engaging programs for our audience. We have the best studios for live broadcasting and production. We also have a very competent staff.

We have four live broadcasting divisions every week day. We start our day at 5am in the morning and close up late at midnight. Apart from serving the needs and interests of the community through different programs we also keep them up to date with worldwide news and entertainment. We invite you to kindly work with us. We boast of the largest listenership and engaging audience in and around Isiolo County
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Genres: GospelTalk Show Replays
City: Isiolo
State/Province: Isiolo
Country: Kenya
Comment: Shahidi wa Amani na Imani to preach and propagate for peace all over