In a small community of Ugandans living in the pacific northwest, sharing intimate stories about our community is key to our social economic well being. The coverage includes oral histories, interviews with key members of the community, and reporting on the challenges that community members face. The stories are touching, funny, and often help people keep a pulse on what is happening in their community, both in united states and in Uganda. PNUAA Radio and PNUAA FM are one of the few places where voices from this community can be heard.

PNUAA radio does not have a big newsrooms or teams of developers working on our websites or station. Broadcasting online, PNUAA Radio is run by one or two staff with the help of volunteers. It covers issues important to community and the country, such as migration, health insurance, integration for new arrivals, resources for survival away from home, copying with cultural shock, promotion of our languages and cultures, education, job placements, housing etc.

PNUAA RADIO does a lot with very little.

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