We are a Prophetic Church that believes in the God of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit, Son and the Father. We believe in a Gathering word, all things which are scattered will be gathered by the gathering voice. "The Horn is in place, blowing everywhere!" We are the Isaiah 6 Generation! We move in the seven Spirits of God! Spirit of The Lord, Spirit of Wisdom, Spirit of Understanding, Spirit of Council, Spirit of Might, Spirit of the Knowledge and the Spirit of the Lord and the Spirit of the fear of the Lord. All these spirits form the PGI CHERUB, the blazing CHERUB, the live coal, the live coal that the angel took with a thong, the coal that burn away our guilt and leave us revived! The reviving FIRE. Get our online services, prerecorded and live services in this platform. While you are listening to these recordings, know that everything it's GATHERING by the gathering voice, the PROPHETIC gathering voice. Every wall fall becouse of the sound of the Horn, the Horn is blowing everywhere, in place indeed. Be blessed as the Prophet of God dishes out the PROPHETIC GATHERING word. Thank you listening to our online radio, we hope you are blessed by our platform. May God bless you in advance.

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