National Iranian Congress
National Iranian Congress
The people of Iran have campaigned in quest of freedom and democracy for over a century. Such has been a battle to cut short the hands of celestial and terrestrial ideologies from the people’s lives, affording them proprietorship of their destiny. In an era when civilized citizens of the globe hand in hand with their wise and elected governments strive for welfare, happiness, peace and security, we the people of Iran seek the opportunity to restitute love, hope, and sanctity of life to our homeland, a land which has for millennia served as the cradle of human civilization. Deriving guidance from the ancient Persian principles of righteousness of thought, of utterance, and of deed, our belief is predicated upon the creative essence of freedom for all mankind, hence the inalienable right of all Iranian to live free of oppression and discrimination with justice and equality in structuring the path of our country. In this spirit a mass endeavor is underway in which Iranian patriots, living in Iran or abroad, have equal determination rights and are in pursuit of three goals, any success obtained in the course of which will be preserved to the last breath:

1. Establishment of a Democratic Government befitting Iranians
2. Drafting a Constitution to define a Free, and Democratic Iran
3. A Free, and Democratic Iran as an honorable member of international community

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