MixWorld Radio

Hi, and greetings to all the listeners we hope to reach over the coming weeks, months and hopefully years.

MixWorld Radio has been founded by myself DJColinR. Although I am doing this somewhat later in life than I would wish, music and radio has been a passion of mine since my childhood.

Predominantly I'll be playing Soul, Funk and Disco, the music that has had the most influence over me, and over my life. I want to bring to you the best music mix I can, consequently you will not generally hear me, but I will be working away in the background to bring you just that.

Having said that, I will be looking at some point in the future, to bring you a live show at least once a week. My idea for the live broadcast as I write this, is an audience participation event, giving you the opportunity to hear your favourite tracks on MixWorld Radio. Please feel free to email me your requests at djcolinr@gmail.com, and look out for station announcements, regarding live broadcasts.

I really hope you enjoy the station and the music, as much as I have enjoyed putting it all together. Thank you very much for listening.


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