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Chat about every subject under the sun. Share opinions and views. If something matters to you, then it matters to me. Talk Radio happens On Tuesdays, 7 pm - 9 pm you can discuss what matters to you. Whether it's Politics, Spiritualism, Cats, dogs, hair dye, ghosts, or sport, you will take the reins!

Share your views with others and discuss issues of the day. What do we all want? Do we all want the same thing? How do other views make us feel? Dare you wander down that pathway?

Light-hearted discussions, do puppets scare us? They scare me! Clowns, spiders, snakes and ladders, board name it, we can discuss it.

Don't forget about SHOUT OUT SATURDAYS!! Give your favorite local business a plug, lets help local businesses to stay on their feet and stay there. Is there somewhere you love going to eat? Share it on Shout Out Saturday!

Join me for a conversation or drop me a line. Let's keep talking!

Mary Heywood

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