Hope City Radio
Hope City Radio
Hope City Radio is the story of contempory christian music from the 1960s to the 1990s .Its the story of artists who found their faith in Jesus .Like Dan Peek from the band America .They created a new syle of music as they felt that the church was lingering in the dark ages . The style became known as Christian pop. . Its roots in Gospel :,Blues ;Big band .For example Gary S Paxton had a smash hit '' The Monster Mash " He went on to become a Christian and in Christian circles had a hit his track called "You aint smoking them cigerettes baby theyre smoking you" " Im your host Patrick " As for me i especially love the Christian answer to Abba a band called Silverwind thats my music taste .Youll hear their music from time to time on this station Their sound driven by exellent bass player Frank Hernandez and vocals by Betsey Hernandez and Patty Forney and Geogeon Banov .They had a marvellous track called " Cinderellas dream' I was lucky enough to have lunch with them in the mid eighties in Mt Eden Auckland when they toured New Zealand You will hear other artists on the station like Love song . if there is other christian contempory music you want included ph 630--7949 ask for Patrick or email me hopecityak@gmail.com I want to thank Mary for being patient in helping set up this Zeno radio station


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March 30, 2023