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Welcome to Hiphop Gin - Your Ultimate Destination for Hip-Hop Classics!

At Hiphop Gin, we are passionate about bringing you the best of rap and hip-hop music from the golden eras of the 80s, 90s, and 2000s. As an online radio station dedicated to celebrating the rich cultural heritage of hip-hop, we curate an eclectic mix of timeless tracks and underground gems that have shaped the genre and influenced generations.

Tune in to our station and immerse yourself in the nostalgic beats of 80s hip-hop, groove to the iconic rhythms of 90s rap, and vibe with the electrifying sounds of 2000s hip-hop. Whether you're a seasoned hip-hop aficionado or a curious listener exploring the genre for the first time, Hiphop Gin offers something for everyone.

Our carefully curated playlists feature hip-hop classics, chart-topping hits, and underrated gems from legendary artists and emerging talents alike. From the raw lyricism of Nas and the smooth flows of Tupac to the innovative beats of Dr. Dre and the infectious energy of Missy Elliott, our station showcases the diverse range of styles and voices within the hip-hop community.

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Mellow Cream Radio

Listen to our R&B sister station called "Mellow Cream Radio"

March 9, 2023

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January 13, 2023


You can now dial 1-631-359-9039 to listen to the station.It does not require the use of a data plan.

December 23, 2022