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Hey Rolo Radio

Welcome to Hey Rolo Radio, the online radio station for Christian youth!

I am Rolando Mirón and I am excited to be your host in this space where we can enjoy music, talks and programs designed to strengthen our faith and our daily lives.

Here at Hey Rolo Radio, our mission is to provide content that edifies, encourages, and encourages our audience in their walk with God. We want to be a place where you can find the inspiration and support you need to keep going in your daily life.

So sit at home, join us on this journey and enjoy our selection of music and programs designed for you. Thanks for tuning in to Hey Rolo Radio, where music and faith meet.

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Hey Rolo Radio

Hey Rolo Radio

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Tonight 21hrs LIVE | Instagram | Facebook | ZENO RADIO

April 27, 2023


lo mejor del género rock cristiano, radio online esta noche a las 9pm

April 24, 2023

Monday & Thursday

21:00hrs Online streaming

April 13, 2023