Harbour Light of the Windwards

Distinctively Christian radio for the whole family.
Bible teaching, preaching, music, drama, news and more!

The Harbour Light of the Windwards transmits from Carriacou, Grenada on 1400 Khz (AM) with 5000 watts and on 92.3 and 94.5 Mhz (FM) with 250 watts featuring Bible based, Christ centered, and distinctively Christian programming for the whole family.

The Harbour Light is a ministry of Aviation Radio Missionary Services and is a non-profit, non-commercial, Christian radio facility. Our purpose is to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ as God, the Creator; to lift Him up as the only Way to be saved from sin and God's impending judgment; to teach true believers in the Lord Jesus Christ how to walk obediently, in holiness, and in anticipation of our Lord's soon return; to encourage separated local churches to remain faithful to God and His Word in the midst of compromise and apostasy; and to provide educational and public service programmes.