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sound engineer

About me:

I took a specialization in radio for a year, studied the different practices related to the world of production and radio production such as the creation of jingles and various sound objects useful for dressing the antenna of a radio or directing while recording studio shows. My previous professional experiences have allowed me to acquire solid knowledge in the field of production and certain productions such as the creation, editing and mixing of credits. Thanks to these experiences, I now have a versatility and skills throughout the production supply chain of a radio. I like what I do.


Name and First name: Garfield Vially Dumersaint

Age: 25 years

Location: 19 Dompte, route de Fort-Jacque extend, 4th section of Bellevue la montagne


July 2018- Present

Sound engineer in Fort-Jacques

Production of spots

For Donation, Contact Me At: (+509) 48 59 0893


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Gayo radio wa

Gayo radio wa

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For Donation, Contact Me At:


January 22, 2022


January 22, 2022

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January 22, 2022