Campus Radio
Campus Radio

This is a prospective online and/or internet radio with a vision to cover campus latest information, both news and entertainment both on and off campus in Kampala and Uganda at large. Then beyond the boarders of course. So we are bringing something big and perfect.



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The Musical Journey of Karsta Born in Ndola and raised in Livingstone, Southern Africa, Mathews Saili, known by his artist name Karsta, embarked on his musical journey when he was only 12 years old. Though his passion was ignited at a young age, it wasn't until four years later, at the age of 16, that Karsta professionally recorded his first song. Growing up in the vibrant city of Lusaka, Karsta was exposed to diverse cultures and influences that inevitably shaped his distinctive Afrobeat style. Music wasn't just a hobby for him; it was deeply engraved in his heart and became the driving force behind his ambition. Karsta's discography represents an introspective expedition through the trials and tribulations of life. He skillfully uses Afrobeat to convey the importance of resilience, self-discovery, and perseverance in one's personal journey. From ballads to upbeat tunes, each song reveals another layer of Karsta's dynamic personality and strong roots in Southern Africa. In addition to his powerful voice and undeniable stage presence, Karsta is also proficient at playing the guitar. Through practice and dedication, he taught himself how to create unique melodies that would complement his captivating vocals. Today, only 18 years old, Karsta is spending every moment honing his craft and continuing to nurture his love for music. As he grows older and gains more experience in the industry, there's no doubt that we can expect great things from this talented young artist.

October 4, 2023


Campus Radio is Great ful to its listeners Across the world. Thanks for showing your support for the online radio that we are developing. Our programs are still being revised and we are looking forward to hearing from you what think about us.. contact whatsapp +256753119227. You can send your voice telling us where you are listening from and we play it here. Thanks. Much love from Campus Radio

May 6, 2022


Prospective Radio for streaming Across campuses s, still testing.....We are coming strongerđŸ’ª

April 19, 2022