Ayub Ali

I was born in Sangaw, Southern Kurdistan in 1973. I finished my primary education in Sangaw before I moved to the city of Sulaimaniah in 1986 where I finished my both secondary and high school education. I went to Salahaddin University in 1993 and studied Mechanical Engineering. Although I was very keen to study music I did not have the chance to pursue this however I did not give up hope and managed to follow my musical ambition after I met one of my best friends during my first year at University. He was a violin player called Bilend Qeredaxi. Through Bilend I met a few professional musicians namely Goran Kamil, who is now managing me, Zana Mhamud Hejar, Sabahi Sentur and others later. My first year of University was full of musical surprises and activities and the time when we first established a musical band called ‘Zanko’. I was one of the lead singers in the band and I was also taking part in annual parties and gigs in my college with Bilend. My performances were warmly welcomed by the students and since then I have loved my music even more. I also enjoyed being a member of a comical band called ‘Korali Zanko’ in Sulaimaniah University for about 2 years. My first live performance on stage was in 1993 with Zanko in Hewler. I Iater performed with a Kurdish Folk Music Band managed by Sabahi Sentur in Sulaimaniah. I went on to record my first few single tracks for local TV and Radio stations between 1995 -1998. The first of one of these songs ‘Xelwet’ was produced by Zana Mahmud Hejar in 1996 followed by ‘Herwaya’ produced by Goran Kamil in the same year. In 1998 I graduated from Salahaddin University and moved on to work in a local TV station called ‘Xak TV’ for about 16 months. In October 1999 I left Kurdistan and settled in England where I am living now. After a few years of disruptions in my musical career I have managed to write some songs relying on my own skills and for the first time to develop the lyrics and compose the melodies. My first album ‘Don’t break my heart’ was released in 2003 and was my first experience in writing songs and I was very pleased with the outcome which only sought to inspire me to write more songs and release more albums. ‘Endless grief and Farewell’ in the years 2004 and 2006 were another two of my albums to be released and in 2008 I decided to work with a producer called Halkawt Zahir who produced and wrote the entire tracks of the album ‘Candle’ released in 2009. This was my first experience of releasing an album where all the songs were not written myself in contrast my latest album released in 2011 which was carrying no name had the majority of tracks written by me. What is left for me to say is that I would like to thank those musicians, poets, sponsors, producers, and my close friends who have helped me along my journey and are still such a great support. I am also sending my special thanks to those whose names I have not mentioned here. Finally I send lots of love to all of my fans

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