Flavors Radio Show International
Flavors Radio Show International

You are now smoking LIVE with JC Superstar of Homiemade & FRS International on Flavors Radio Show International 'Broadcasting the Revolution In Soul' Celebrating 30+ Years of Broadcasting in Australia!

Welcome to www.frsinternational.com.au the Original and Still #1 Australian Hip Hop & Cannabis Culture Radio Broadcast on Zeno FM! Uncensored Multi-Platform Independent Hobbyist Hip Hop Culture & Cannabis Culture Radio with DJ Jordan playing the best music of all time and interviewing the best artists/activists worldwide.

Official radio broadcast of the JC Superstar of Homiemade & FRS International 'Digital Contextual Art Instillation' Streaming LIVE 24/7! Established on syndicated FM Radio in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia circa 1993 featuring FRS Live On Air MixTape and Interview Archives 1993-2023.

Prince (The Great Purple One) said at his last awards speech, "Thank You, like books and black lives, albums matter". With that in mind listen from track one until done like the first album you made or played to 'The Biblical Bastard Of Hip Hop (Complete Contextual Curation)' OUT NOW ON ALL STREAMING PLATFORMS from JC Superstar with Homiemade & FRS International presented by Flavors Radio Show "Broadcasting the Revolution In Soul".

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Visit the 'Digital Contextual Art Instillation' Main Exhibition! Click this Website Link!

Visit the 'Digital Contextual Art Instillation' Main Exhibition! Click this Website Link!

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'Digital Contextual Art Instillation' is ACTIVE!

An Inspired Hip Hop Culture and Cannabis Culture Masterwork! A Deep Dive Is Necessary!

April 6, 2023

Station UPGRADE Complete! Stream IS BACK LIVE!

FRS is Back LIVE 24/7! (Allow for Stream Upload)

September 18, 2022

Station Is Down for UPGRADES. Back Online 24/7 Real Soon!

Check back soon for full stream. Meanwhile enjoy the links!

September 3, 2022