991 SpiritFM Batangas
991 SpiritFM Batangas
DWAM-FM was formally launched on May 8, 1999 at its inaugural facilities at Paharang West, Batangas City as an all-disco station under inaugural station manager Fr. Mike Samaniego and its first on-air talent DJ Joseph, who previously started out in the Lucena City radio market and had stints in Sydney, Australia mostly targeting the Filipino community. Months after, Fr. Nonie Dolor, known by his radio name The Niteowl, joined the roster after declining talks by GV 99.9 to jump ship while he was still on AM radio. He would remain with Spirit FM as Sunday jock until stepping down in late 2014 to concentrate on 95.9 FM.

The station took the callsign of its AM sister at 1080 kHz and has been designated such even after it shut down in 2002.

Spirit FM later transferred to the now-demolished Basilica Site broadcast complex but kept its Paharang transmitter intact. They later inaugurated the tradition of their annual DJ hunts that launched careers of notable staff such as Ricky, Raynuts, Diego and Kris, who were well-received by listeners.

In May 2009, the Paharang transmitter was decommissioned in favor of merging transmission facilities with its revived sister station on 95.9 at Barangay Santo Domingo.

On May 21, 2015, both stations moved to the newly-purchased Balmes Building. The Basilica Site broadcast complex was later demolished and converted to a parish mortuary. In February 2017, Spirit FM went 24/7 after years of broadcasting 18 hours daily. However, it later cut its round the clock 24-hour broadcasts to weekdays, signing-off at 11 pm on Saturdays and reverting to 18 hour broadcasts on Sundays.

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