In a world filled with lies or as they call it "fake news" the truth of God's Word is the only hope humanity has.
At 316Truth.fm we bring you the truth as found in the Bible. For us it is Jesus and nothing added and Jesus, nothing subtracted. The only way to live a sensible purposeful life is to know Jesus Christ as lord and Saviour.
The world, as we know it with all it's "wisdom" is coming to an end. Jesus is coming soon and this is no idle thread. Soon it will be reckoning time, time of God's wrath being released on an evil Godless world.
316Truth.fm radio brings you talks, prayer, studies, music and so much more. Tune in and become a bearer of truth.
We are so glad that you are tuned in. May father God bless you through 316Truth.fm.

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February 10, 2023