2AP Samoa
2AP Samoa

National Radio 2AP - 540 AM
National Radio 2AP has been serving Samoa since 1947 as the first public broadcasting station established in Samoa’s history. In 2008 2AP came under the responsibility of MCIT. The Government of Samoa sees National Radio 2AP as “The Voice of the Nation,” it is the key source for information on emergency warnings, official messages and a platform from which to promote Samoan culture and tradition. It also promotes sports by providing live broadcasts and provides live coverage of national events such as the Teuila Festival and Independence celebrations.

Emergency Warnings
The official station for emergency warnings before, during, and after natural disasters. The station works in a close relationship with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to ensure live and prerecorded messages are broadcast. National Radio 2AP aims to raise awareness of natural disasters, raise awareness of training and drills, and broadcast up to date reports, enabling Samoan’s to become well educated and informed on natural disasters.

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