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Staying together, while apart.

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Receive a dedicated number to host a prayer hour or service simply with the use of your phone, in just a few steps! Affordable for creators. Free for listeners. No internet needed.

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Share your Prayer Line with your audience and invite them to join you.


Have up to 1000 listeners join you on your designated Prayer Line.

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We understand that these are unprecedented times and you may find yourself struggling to ensure that all members of your community can continue being served. A prayer line ensures that everyone who is interested can listen to your message without any barriers.


Whether your prefer using a feature phone, are a landline user, visually impaired, or elderly- a prayer line helps you stay connected without worrying about facing technological issues or worrying about internet speeds or data usage.

Go Beyond a Prayer Line. Start a Station!

We provide premium services, at no cost to you. Our platform offers broadcasters the tools they need to run their station and provide the best listening experience to their dedicated audience.

  • Unlimited, high quality streaming. Use your encoder or software of choice to broadcast.
  • Auto DJ to automatize your station and keep it running 24/7.
  • Generate your own landing page and/or widget within minutes. No coding necessary.
  • Comprehensive analytics so you know where, how, and when your station is being listened to.

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