CE Cristo Vive - Oracion Por Necesidad
CE Cristo Vive - Oracion Por Necesidad

CE Cristo Vive - Oracion Por Necesidad

Prayer Line: 1-667-930-9263

Diana G. Santillan serves as Pastor Evangelist at CE Cristo Vive. The Evangelistic Ministry "Cristo Vive" had its origin in the city of Córdoba Argentina, in 1984. Through all these years they have traveled many countries in South America, the United States and Spain carrying the Message of God and preparing ministries through of teaching and training new leaders, in many nations of the world, leaving in each place the Word revealed by God and the anointing of the Spirit through signs, wonders and wonders in each country. Today they reside in Dallas, Texas where they are aligned with the ministry of "Glory of Zion" and Apostle Chuck Pierce, where for 14 years they have attended the majority of seminars for ministerial preparation and renewal.

She is the author and composer of more than 40 praises for God, has two recordings on CD and three volumes on DVD, and is the author of the book "Buy without money" and "I call you, I chose you."
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