Weekly Wisdom with Jeff Schreve

Weekly Wisdom with Jeff Schreve


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On Pray.com’s Weekly Wisdom, Pastor Jeff Schreve delves into the complexities of navigating life's most challenging moments. 

Welcome to Pray.com’s  Weekly Wisdom podcast, an inspirational series hosted by Pastor Jeff Schreve. Each week, Pastor Jeff illuminates different sections of the Holy Bible, meticulously extracting pivotal themes and life lessons that can enrich and uplift your daily life. 

This series invites you to delve deeper into understanding the scripture, offering a transformative platform for spiritual growth. As you navigate through this journey, you will be offered an opportunity to fortify your relationship with God, accompanied by Pastor Jeff's insightful guidance. 

Join us weekly as we engage in heartfelt prayer and foster a stronger connection to God, under the expert guidance of Pastor Jeff Schreve. Experience a profound transformation as you embrace the wisdom of the Bible, distilled for you, each week.




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