#NurtureYourZest S2-E12 Kathryn Paylor-Bent chats to Ashleigh King on Becoming Disabled, Motherhood, Accessibility and the Purple Pound

#NurtureYourZest S2-E12 Kathryn Paylor-Bent chats to Ashleigh King on Becoming Disabled, Motherhood, Accessibility and the Purple Pound

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In this episode, join your host Ashleigh King as she chats to Kathryn Paylor-Bent, a talented creative with an unusual story and many creative gifts.

Kathryn (or Kat as she prefers to be known) has a wealth of different responsibilities:
She creates handmade, adaptive fashion for all disabled communities through her business, Seated Sewing, as well as providing consultancy advice via Seated Consul. Kat is a Founding Member of The Adaptive Fashion Network.
Kat is also a mother to an autistic and ADHD son.

In this episode, we discuss:

🌵 How Kat became disabled after she bent down to pick up her 6-month-old son, Tom, and felt pain in her back as she herniated a disk in her spinal column.

🌵 The surgery to fix this which went wrong, leaving her to spend 9 months in the hospital, and away from her baby.
While Kat learned how to navigate her new circumstances, he learned to take his first steps.

🌵 Missing all of Tom’s first moments, hurt the most. Tom’s diagnoses of ADHD and Autism, meant that regardless of any of her own challenges, Kat wanted to do her best to live an ‘ordinary life’ despite the unusual circumstances she found herself in.

🌵 What is ordinary anyway? We talked about the concept of being an ‘inspiration’ and being ordinary.
What it feels like to be disabled, the concept of ‘inspiration porn’, and why well-meaning kind words, looks or smiles of pity can be patronising.

🌵 We talked about the Purple Pound and the spending power of the disabled community
Did you know that 1 in 5 people in the UK are disabled? That means businesses could be missing out on £2 billion pounds a month, by not servicing or meeting the needs of this demographic

🌵 Despite everything, Kat is grateful for her disability and the career change it brought her.

We think Kat is indeed, inspiring, and not because of pity or because of what happened to her. We think she is inspiring in spite of this, because she uses her voice to amplify the voices of her community.


💻 LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kathryn-paylor-bent-98631397/
💻 Website: https://seatedsewing.co.uk/

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