#Nurture Your Zest S2-E8 - a spotlight on the 'Chief Chatterbox', Ashleigh King with guest host Paul King

#Nurture Your Zest S2-E8 - a spotlight on the 'Chief Chatterbox', Ashleigh King with guest host Paul King

Ashleigh King Flamingo Heights

About this episode

🎙#NurtureYourZest Episode 8 of Season 2 🎙

In this episode, join guest host Paul King as he interviews Ashleigh King, the chattiest of them all. There’s even an awkward poem and song included!

This episode has been recorded in the ‘Flamboyance’ set of Flamingo Heights Podcast Studio.

Episode Trigger Warnings: Assault, Murder, Trauma, Depression, Neurodivergence, Suicide

In this episode we discuss:

🌵Why storytelling is so important to Ashleigh, and how she has been doing this her whole life

🌵Why she quit her journalism degree and how this meant she stopped sharing her message

🌵How she’s reclaimed her voice, creating her own path as a journalist on her own terms

🌵The people that Ash looks up to and can’t wait to interview, like Kathryn Paylor-Ben (Kat) of Seated Sewing, who is creating cutting edge adaptive fashion for the disabled community

🌵Why talking to the saddest person in the rooms matters, and the joy she gets from mentoring Newcastle University and Newcastle University Business School students

🌵The journey of Flamingo Heights Podcast Studio, how it started, and plans for the future

🌵Reflections on becoming a Podcast Trainer and Expert in Residence with the Business and Intellectual Property Centre (BIPC) North East

🌵Organising a TEDxNewcastleUniversity event with speakers receiving over 250,000 views on YouTube and how this could not have been possible without determination and teamwork

🌵Why collaboration matters, and surrounding yourself with ‘your flock’ is important

🌵The loneliness of entrepreneurship, feeling like you don’t fit in, navigating an ADHD diagnosis and your mental health whilst studying a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) at Newcastle University Business School

🌵Why you should ‘be flamboyant’, ‘ruffle feathers’ and ‘look after your flock’

Find Ashleigh/Paul Online:

💻 LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ashleigh-elizabeth-king/
💻 YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvqIcI8wjgmm2_PggWZP4_Q/

🦩Recorded at Flamingo Heights Podcast Studio: https://www.flamingoheights.co.uk

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