Inside the Mind of Your Marketing Talent

Inside the Mind of Your Marketing Talent (Aprill Baughns, Iliyana Hadjistoyanova, Dorian Cundick)

About this episode

In this episode of the #Hashtags Podcast, Gartner analysts Aprill Baughns and Iliyana Hadjistoyanova discuss how CMOs can ensure their teams succeed in the face of ongoing disruption. We’ll talk about current marketing employees’ concerns and anxieties, as well as their assessment of existing career opportunities. The conversation will also advise CMOs on how to leverage collaboration, martech and smart skills development to improve employees’ well-being, engagement and readiness to embrace and benefit from change.

Iliyana Hadjistoyanova supports marketing and communications leaders in managing their functions and teams. She covers areas such as strategy building, operating models, governance, measurement, benchmarking and talent development. She is passionate about helping clients prioritize high-value work and connect it to business goals in clear, measurable ways.

Aprill Baughns analyzes marketing and communication’s organizational structure, development, transformation and effectiveness trends, resulting in scalable, actionable solutions. With experience spanning a vast array of unique industries, she partners with Gartner clients to provide outcome-oriented, human-centric solutions.