A purposeful life: #FLY with Raghavan Damodaran on Purpose and Success

A purposeful life: #FLY with Raghavan Damodaran on Purpose and Success




About this episode

Embarking on a journey of self-discovery a few years ago ignited my interest with the intersection of purpose and success. Raised in an academically driven family in 80s and 90s India, success was synonymous with career achievements, and the pursuit of a good job overshadowed any deeper purpose. This mindset persisted until my late 30s when I began questioning what truly brought me happiness.

Recently, I had an interesting natter with Raghavan Damodaran, a fellow undergrad from university, just before our 25th college reunion. As we delved into the complexities of purpose and success in our 40s, we realised the many facets to unravel. While we may not claim expertise, our life experiences have led to valuable insights – well, at least insights that make us nod sagely while sipping our cups of tea (literally while recording the podcast :))

In the latest episode of my podcast #FLY, Raghavan and I engage in a light-hearted banter, attempting to make sense of life's purpose – whether it's singular or multi-dimensional. How can understanding our purpose propel us toward achieving life's successes? We invite you to join our chat and share your experiences and thoughts as we continue our quest to peel back the layers of this complex and multi-dimensional topic.

Listen to the podcast here, and let's keep the dialogue going as we collectively explore the depths of our purpose.

About Raghavan Damodaran:

Raghavan ("Rags") is an executive client partner for a portfolio of two US asset managers and a hedge funds, delivering digital transformation initiatives working with business, operations and engineering stakeholders including vendor partners. He is responsible for conceiving, originating, and overseeing delivery and operations of 275+ consultants. Rags has managed $35M+ across renewal and new business, across CIO and CMO programs. He has established and manage globally distributed technology delivery and support teams for hedge funds of varying sizes. Raghavan has conceived and led a Tier 1 European bank’s digital consumer mobile app design and product innovation initiatives.