BreathTalks with Leonard Orr

BreathTalks with Leonard Orr

Ciara Longman

About this episode

This talk was recorded during a Rebirthing Breathwork training in 2013. Leonard speaks about a Kranti prophecy made by the immortal yogi Bhatriji (Yogi Bharthari Nath Temple Sariska, Rajastan.) The prophecy for 2010 didn't come true and under interesting circumstances. Leonard presents a view that improving our life urge can help change the outcome of catastrophic events. Increasing our life urge happens when we have Rebirthing sessions, especially when breathing through resistances such as tetany.

"I am alive now, my life urges are stronger than my death urges. As long as I go on strengthening my life urges and weakening my death urges, I will go on living in health and youthfulness, Jai!"

The thumbnail picture is of Leonard with the immortal yogi Mahavatar Haidakhan Babaji.