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BreathTalks with Ciara

Breath Talks
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Master Breathworker Ciara Longman takes us on a journey with the Breath. Right from the beginnings with Leonard Orr the founder of conscious connected breathing. This type of breathing is about Self-Sovereignty: Breath Mastery, Mind Mastery and Body Mastery. Allowing yourself to release the constrictions of the mind so that you can experience things that the mind cannot comprehend. Freedom inside of you means freedom outside of you. Leading Breathwork teachers discuss their relationship with the breath and where it led them, as well as other people dedicated to liberation.



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27 February 2022

BreathTalks with Leonard Orr

Ciara Longman

This talk was recorded during a Rebirthing Breathwork training in 2013. Leonard speaks about a Kranti prophecy made by the immortal yogi Bhatriji (Yogi Bharthari Nath Temple Sariska, Rajastan.) The prophecy for 2010 didn't come true and under interesting circumstances. Leonard presents a view that improving our life urge can help change the outcome of catastrophic events. Increasing our life urge happens when we have Rebirthing sessions, especially when breathing through resistances such as tetany.

"I am alive now, my life urges are stronger than my death urges. As long as I go on strengthening my life urges and weakening my death urges, I will go on living in health and youthfulness, Jai!"

The thumbnail picture is of Leonard with the immortal yogi Mahavatar Haidakhan Babaji.

23 February 2022

BreathTalks with Andrea Foulkes

Ciara Longman

Andrea connects with her clients past lives, Ancestral Lineages, Wounded Inner Child from Womb - Present day, Entities ( earth bound spirits or inter dimensional entities). She talks about being on ITV's 'Have I been Here Before?' taking celebrities back to past lives and the importance of healing past life issues. In recent years she has worked with the Akashic Records and helping mothers work through emotional issues before giving birth, particularly when faced with a potential cesarean.