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09 March 2022

Body Language Decoder – Martin Brooks

Jay Izso
We place a great amount of stock in what people say, but perhaps we have that wrong.  We more than likely should pay closer to the body language of the person because that may be more of a give away of what that person is thinking.  Most of us are fascinated with body language when it comes to deception and lying.  Most of us also believe we can detect lying accurately in others say with their body, but the truth is you are only about 50% right.  True experts are 90% accurate.  But body language is important for business.   For example can you determine if someone is really interested in the job when you are conducting the interview.  How about when you are selling, can you read the body language of a potential customer that they are giving you signals  that you have lost them, and they no longer are interested in doing business with you.  Could you change your body language to win them back?  Thankfully Body Language expert Martin Brooks  joins us on this episode of A New Direction to help you not only become a better at reading others body language, but changing your body language to improve your relationships. Martin Brooks has a 50 cards in a deck with a booklet entitled "Body Language Decoder".  The booklet and the cards are an insightful look on how to help you notice body signals where people are convicted, making a powerplay, nervousness, deception, interested, disinterested and more!  This is one of those fantastica and fun reads that you will want to have as a reference.  The fact is the more we can learn about body language the better we will be at it.  The "Body Language Decoder" is fun, interesting, educational, and will be help for you in your personal life and business. Please Thank our sponsors of A New Direction by reaching out to them and saying thank you and using their services. EPIC Physical Therapy the facility with the most cutting edge equipment and the certified staff to help you recover from an injury or surgery, work with professional and amateur athletes, or just those of us who want to move and feel better.  When you want EPIC relief, EPIC recovery, and EPIC results then start with EPIC Physical Therapy by going to www.EPICpt.com Linda Craft & Team, Realtors when you are looking to sell your home or buy a new home start with what their clients refer to as “the legends of customer service”.  Whether you are in the Greater Raleigh Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina or any where in the world they can help you with your home dreams.  Contact our friends Linda Craft & Team at www.LindaCraft.com
02 March 2022

Crafting Your Marketing Story for Greater Success – Paul Furiga Part 2

Jay Izso
When it comes to marketing the research is clear, your best marketing is telling your authentic unique story.  Why? Because our brains are naturally wired to hear and relate to a story.  Also, because we all have one.  What is more every story is unique which means that your story becomes a differentiator when it comes to your marketing.  The question becomes how do you tell your marketing story?  Well thankfully the founder, CEO and Chief Storyteller of WordWrite PR Paul Furiga returns again on this episode of A New Direction to talk and walk you through how to tell your marketing story that will lead to more clients, more business, more profit and greater success. Paul Furiga will discuss the "5 Pillars than support your story"  Then he moves us to finding your story "archetype".  That is are you the "wise sage", maybe the "outlaw", the "jester", the "hero" or maybe someone else.  And then he moves us through how to ensure it's authentic, it is told by the right people to the right audience.  Then as we move along in the show we talk about the difference of telling a story if you are B2B or B2C and considerations of a product or service.  And all of this can be found in Paul Furiga's insightful marketing book "Finding Your Capital S Story: Why your Story Drives your Brand".  Get your Copy Today. Please say thank you to the sponsors of A New Direction: EPIC Physical Therapy, the therapists of those who just want to move and feel better, or post surgery, or overcoming an injury, or young athletes to professional athletes.  EPIC PT has the bleeding edge equipment to help you achieve your physical goals, and the certified staff to ensure you are getting the latest treatment, individualized and customized to you!  They recognize that your needs and goals are unique so they want to make sure the program they put together is as unique as you are.  So if you are ready for EPIC relief, EPIC recover, and EPIC results, contact the professionals at EPIC Physical Therapy… www.EPICpt.com Linda Craft & Team, Realtors, for more than 35 years they have been helping people with their home buying and selling needs around the world and locally in the Research Triangle Park of North Carolina.  Their customers call them the “Legends of Customer Service”…why?  Because Linda Craft and her team believe that the relationship is the most important part of the home buying and selling process.  Because after all your home is about your memories not the bricks and mortar.  Learn more by going to www.LindaCraft.com
23 February 2022

Storytelling Your Brand for Greater Profit – Paul Furiga

Jay Izso
We all love a good story.  In fact, we watch movies and TV shows because we love the storytelling that happens with in them.  But some how in business we get a disconnect between storytelling and our brand.  Sure we will spend tons of money on marketing, believing that it is making a difference.  But we are perhaps missing the greatest marketing advantage each of us have...and that is telling your story...your unique story that could be resonating with more potential customers and clients.  The fact is you need more than marketing you need storytelling of your brand.  And on this episode of A New Direction with have one the leading experts in brand storytelling Paul Furiga of WordWrite.  Who is going to help us navigate the waters of marketing and storytelling. Paul Furiga's book is entitled, "Finding Your Capital S Story: Why your Story Drives your Brand " Takes you and your business on a journey understanding the research and history of how storytelling is scientifically, biologically, and historically the best marketing you have available to you that you probably are not using.  Finding Your Capital S Story then takes you through all the elements necessary to develop your own story and how to start crafting your unique authentic story so that you can differentiate yourself in the market from your competitors.  Finding Your Capital S Story also includes how to tell your story whether you are B2B or B2C, Product or Service and how Social Media plays a vital role in telling your story. Please thank the awesome sponsors of A New Direction for their financial support. Epic Physical Therapy, whether you just want to move better, are recovering from an injury or surgery or you are an elite athlete who wants to perform at your best.  The certified staff coupled with the state of the art therapy equipment will customize a treatment program to meet your individual needs.  From getting better fitness to recovery to elite performance if you want EPIC Relief, EPIC Recovery, and EPIC Results, head on over to www.EPICpt.com Linda Craft & Team, Realtors for 35 years they have been helping people all over the world meet their dreams when it comes to their home.  Whether it is buying a new home where new memories are created, or selling a home to downsize or move to a bigger place because you have expanded, the experts at Linda Craft & Team, would like to show you why their clients say their customer service is “legendary”.  Just click on www.LindaCraft.com to learn more. Do you feel a little stuck in your business or your life.  Perhaps you are experiencing some rejection and are having problems getting motivated to make the next call.  Maybe you just feel a like you just cannot get tot eh next level?  That’s where Coaching Mavericks can help you.  We specialize in helping people get unstuck from where they are not so they can achieve at the highest level.  When you are ready to get back up and move forward to greater success contact Coaching Mavericks.  www.coachingmavericks.com
16 February 2022

Meaningful Partnerships at Work – The Workplace Covenant – Seth Silver & Timothy Franz

Jay Izso
We all know the statistics...the number one reason why people leave their job is their boss.  But we also read how managers are frustrated because they cannot seem to motivate their employees to be as productive as they need the to be.   Honestly when it comes to this relationship it appears to be no relationship at all.  The fact is this relationship should be a partnership.  A partnership that resembles a marriage.  But instead this partnership appears to be looking for reason to dissolve or get a divorce.   The problem:  Both sides are not being authentic, honest, and openly communicate what they need and want from each other, and like a marriage partnership when that doesn't happen...well divorce is just waiting to happen.  Thankfully on this episode of A New Direction Drs Seth Silver and Timothy Franz are hear to counsel us in the power of Meaningful Partnership in the Workplace. Seth Silver's and Timothy Franz's book, "Meaningful Partnership at Work: How The Workplace Covenant Ensures Mutual Accountability and Success between Leaders and Teams"  is an absolute game changer.  The book is a practical how to manual in how to build these partnerships.  It is also filled with example after example of how the "Workplace Covenant" has changed businesses.  The book also contains supportive research that further verifies that the "Workplace Covenant" is effective.  Look losing people is costing you money.  Disgruntled employees are costing your efficiency, which is costing you money.  Why not create a partnership that will lead to greater success.  All it take is to develop a "Meaningful Partnership at Work" Please reach out to our sponsors and say thank you for their support of A New Direction: EPIC Physical Therapy has been with us for quite some time.  They are truly the “go to” physical therapists.  With their certified staff and state of the art equipment and technology whether you just want to move and feel better, are recovering from an injury, or are an athlete who wants to be performing at the top of your game, EPIC Physical Therapy is the place to start.  When you are ready for EPIC Relief, EPIC Recovery, and EPIC Results then head on over to the certified professionals at EPIC Physical Therapy  www.EPICpt.com Linda Craft & Team, Realtors for 35 years their clients say they are have “legendary” customer service.  The reason they say that is because Linda Craft has built her business one relationship at a time, because she understood that the home purchase is more than likely the single highest purchase you will make in your life time, but more than that she knows that the memories that are made in your home no one can put a price on.  Linda Craft & Team have helped thousands of clients achieve their dream, and they would love to help you too.  Just click on over to www.LindaCraft.com  Are you feeling a bit stuck?  Need some help getting to the next level?  Feeling like you are working hard, but nothing is happening?  Not getting the results you want?  I can help you!    I am a business life coach that takes a whole person approach.  With my advanced degrees in psychology, coupled with my practical training in physical fitness, I work with the whole you physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.  I offer a FREE 30 minute session.  Why not give it a try?  What do you have lose.?  Just go to www.coachingmavericks.com Post navigation
09 February 2022

Manage Change and Embrace Fear – Tom Scarda

Jay Izso
Most of us do not realize it, but the fact of the matter is most of our behavior is guided by fear and a resistance to change.  We are susceptible to FOMO "fear of missing out", or we fear that we may lose what we have.  We may jump from relationship to relationship because we have an unconscious fear of commitment, or we may fear we are not loveable.  The media uses fear to keep us engaged.  Fear can be used to manipulate us and make us do thing we would not ordinarily do.  In this episode of A New Direction one of the world's leading franchisors Tom Scarda helps us embrace fear and manage change. Tom Scarda's book "The Magic of Choosing Uncertainty" is filled with insights on how you developed your unconscious mind and how to change it so that you are thinking the right way.  As Tom will teach us our thoughts are in fact currency.  And how we spend them largely determines our success.  Our thought life and mindset also sets us up to finding opportunity or creating a victim mentality.  The question becomes will you take the steps necessary to change and not only embrace and take on the fears that are dictating much of your behavior.  Because you will then see The Magic of Choosing Uncertainty. Please reach out and thank the sponsors of A New Direction. EPIC Physical Therapy is my physical therapist, but not just mine, people from all over use them from post surgery to professional athletes, and even people who just want to move and feel better.  They are the certified staff and have the cutting edge equipment to design a customize treatment program specifically for YOU!  Get EPIC relief, EPIC recovery, and EPIC results by going to EPIC Physical Therapy…www.EPICpt.com Linda Craft & Team, Realtors even during the coronavirus Linda Craft and her team of dedicated experts are helping people fulfill their dreams and desires of buying and selling homes.  Their customers say that their service is “legendary”, you can find out for yourself by contacting Linda Craft & Team, Realtors click on over to www.LindaCraft.com We all get stuck.  Or we all realize we could be more successful, but we just cannot figure it out.  Maybe you are just caught in the middle of the forest and cannot see the trees and you need a fresh perspective.  Contact me jay@jayizso.com and let me help you lead and become more successful in your life, career, and business.  Head on over to coachingmavericks.com
03 February 2022

The Language of Leadership – Joel Schwartzberg

Jay Izso
As a leader we are called to be problem solvers.  But we are also called to be great communicators.  If we cannot communicate effectively...well...we will not be a leader for long.  The part of communication in leadership that is rarely talked about is the "language" of leadership.  Yes it is true or language can be affected by our tone, but language can also be the words we use, and how we use them.  Language can be found in our authenticity or lack thereof.  It also is comes in the language of giving hope and empathy.  More importantly it needs to be a language that fulfills your teams needs.  Still need help?  Leadership Communication Expert Joel Schwartzberg joins us on A New Direction to help you better engage and inspire your team. Joel Schwartzberg's latest book "The Language of Leadership: How to Engage and Inspire Your Team" is a concise practical language toolkit so that you can literally start working on your language skills.  If you are ready to get rid of the "I's" and "It, This, and That", learn to "respond" rather than "react" you will want to tune into this episode and learn "The Language of Leadership". Please thank the sponsors of A New Direction by liking their social media pages.  It is there financial support that keeps us on the air around the world! EPIC Physical Therapy I love these people and I love this place!  They have the certified staff that customizes a treatment program based on your individual needs and goals.  They also have some of the most cutting edge equipment as part of your treatment program to help you get back to the way you want to be, whether that be from injury or professional athlete, if you want EPIC Relief, EPIC Recovery, and EPIC Results just click on over to www.EPICpt.com Linda Craft & Team, Realtors, their clients call them the “legends of customer service” the fact is for 35 years they have been at the top of the real estate game…that just makes them legendary.  What is more they are still going strong!  Linda Craft and their team understand the importance of the personal relationship and the need for a digital presence.  So if you want the best of both worlds contact the personal, professional, 21st century real estate professionals at www.LindaCraft.com Are you going through tough circumstance in your career or life?  Do you feel like you have no passion or purpose?  Are you struggling to find yourself in a world that looks all the same?  You need to call me at coachingmavericks.com.  I help people look at life through their God given gifts, talents, abilities, knowledge, strengths, and passion so that they can find their purpose.  After all we are all Mavericks.  We all know we have a special place in this world.  I can help.  Contact me and let's chat coachingmavericks.com
26 January 2022

Building a High Performance Organization – Robert Kohlhepp – Fmr CEO Cintas

Jay Izso
Whether you are a solopreneur, entrepreneur, start-up, B2B, B2C, small business, corporation, profit or non-profit we all should have a desire to see your organization operate at it's highest level.  There are three critical parts to every organization, culture, people, and leadership.  And if any one of those areas are week or off track so is the entire organization.  Thankfully former CEO of Cintas Corporation Robert Kohlhepp joins us in this episode of  A New Direction to help you steer your organization in A New Direction. Robert' Kohlhepp's book "Building a Better Organization" is the essential toolbox for every organization.  The book covers everything from hiring the right people, making decisions, how to retain your best people, setting a mission statement that really permeates the entire organization, advancing leaders, treating your people as true partners in your business and so much more!  If you are looking to build a high performance organization, then you must get your copy of "Build A Better Organization: How Effective Leadership and Strong Culture Can Create a High-Performance." Please Thank the sponsors of A New Direction for their financial support! EPIC Physical Therapy is the physical therapists I go to whether it was post surgery, nagging injury, or I just cannot perform at the athletic level I want to.  They have the bleeding edge equipment and the certified staff to customize a treatment program specifically for you, your needs and wants, that helps you reach goals you desire to attain.  When you are ready for EPIC relief, EPIC recovery, and EPIC results, you need to click on over to EPIC Physical Therapy…www.EPICpt.com Linda Craft & Team, Realtors for 35 years their clients and friends have said when it comes to real estate and going the extra mile and providing a world class experience, they are have “legendary customer service”.  Locally owned, and independent of the national brands, they have literally helped people all over the world by finding the best real estate professional in your area.  So before you sell or buy your home, start with the “legends” at Linda Craft & Team, Realtors…you can learn more by going to www.LindaCraft.com Do you feel a little stuck in your business or your life.  Perhaps you are experiencing some rejection and are having problems getting motivated to make the next call.  Maybe you just feel a like you just cannot get tot eh next level?  That's where Coaching Mavericks can help you.  We specialize in helping people get unstuck from where they are not so they can achieve at the highest level.  When you are ready to get back up and move forward to greater success contact Coaching Mavericks.  www.coachingmavericks.com
20 January 2022

Transforming Your Customers Into Loyal Champions – Donna Weber

Jay Izso
Do you really know your customer?  What percentage of your customers come back to you to do business with you again?  Do they love you so much that they tell other people about your business and get you referrals?  If you don't like the answers to these questions, or are hesitant to answer these questions, then chances are you do not know your customers as well as you think you do, and they do not like you as much as you thought they did.  In this episode of A New Direction World Renown Customer Success Expert Donna Weber explains why your customers are not advocating and returning, how much it costs you when they don't, and gives you a framework so that your customers will champion your business. Donna Weber's book "Onboarding Matters: How Successful Companies Transform New Customers Into Loyal Champions" dives into  onboarding your customers so that they return and tell others about you.  As Donna points out, the cost of a new customer is far more than the cost of an existing customer that champions your business.  The biggest problem is that we don't understand our customer as well as we think, we ask the wrong questions, and we do not onboard them in a way that they not only stay on board, but want to bring others with them.  Enjoy the show and get your copy of "Onboarding Matters". Please reach out an thank our sponsors for their financial support of A New Direction! EPIC Physical Therapy they are the certified therapists with the cutting edge therapy equipment and techniques to help anyone who is injured, post surgery, athletes, and those who just want to move and feel better.  They are my physical therapists, I trust them, and they have helped me stay active and healthy.  If you want EPIC relief, EPIC recovery and EPIC results call on the EPIC experts and EPIC Physical Therapy head on over to www.EPICpt.com Linda Craft & Team, Realtors has been a sponsor since day one of A New Direction and we could not be more grateful.  For 35 years Linda and her team has stayed on the bleeding edge of technology, but more importantly without losing the most important ingredient to “legendary customer service”, namely it is a focus on you the person.  If you are looking to buy or sell a home anywhere in the world they can either help you find the best professional in your area, or you can visit them locally in the Raleigh Research Triangle Park of North Carolina why not click on over to www.LindaCraft.com
12 January 2022

Entrepreneurship – Ascend Your Start-Up – Helen Yu

Jay Izso
What does climbing Mount Everest have to do with being an Entrepreneur and a Start-Up Company?  Turns out pretty much everything.  If you are considering a Start-Up then the truth of the matter is you are on a journey.  And that journey is pretty much of a climb that is beset with potential pit falls and altitudes that you have never experienced.  In fact if you are an entrepreneur with a Start-Up then you need to know that like climbing Mount Everest you cannot not go straight to the top, you have to sometimes come back to base camp so that you can slowly get acclimated to the altitude if you want to be successful.  The truth is if you want to be successful in climbing Mount Everest or a Start-Up you are going to need a "Sherpa" that has been there done that and knows the "ins" and "outs".  Well on this episode of A New Direction Helen Yu is your "Sherpa" to help you get your Start-Up to become successful. Helen Yu's book Ascend Your Start-Up: Conquer the 5 Disconnects to Accelerate Growth is powerful and I believe a must read for any entrepreneur, sales person, business CEO, Start-Up or long time business.  The lessons from her climb deal with the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual challenges we all face in business.  Here is the key:  Ascend Your Start-Up will help you take a step back and reconsider your "why", your brand,  your marketing, your team, and your customer.  And if you follow Sherpa Helen Yu's advice you will grow and grow to your potential. Please Thank the financial partners of A New Direction by LIKING their pages on social media: EPIC Physical Therapy.  Whether you are injured from work, play, or you simply want to feel better about yourself and get better freedom of movement.  EPIC physical therapy has the latest state of the art technology and equipment, coupled with a certified staff to help you achieve your physical goals and get you back to where you want to be and give you a direction where you should be going.  When you really want EPIC relief, EPIC recovery, and EPIC results look no further than the people I use and trust EPIC Physical Therapy.  www.EPICpt.com Linda Craft & Team, Realtors no matter where you live in the world, Linda Craft and her team can help you find the best professional in your area to help you sell or buy your next home.  While most real estate professionals belong to a nationally affiliated company where they are obligated to use the people in their company’s network.  Linda Craft and her team are privately owned and operated.  That means they can find the absolute best professional from ANY company to ensure you get the best service. Located in the Raleigh Research Triangle Park of North Carolina…they are indeed legendary when it comes to service.  Learn more  by going to Linda Craft & Team, Realtors  www.LindaCraft.com
05 January 2022

Work Made Fun Gets Done – Dr Bob Nelson

Jay Izso
I remember working for a Division 1 University and a person that I worked with was frustrated with the younger generation at the time and he said, "They need to get over it!  You don't go to fun...You go to work!"  Sadly when it comes to  work and fun that attitude still seems to prevail.  There is mistaken belief that work and fun are like oil and water and the two don't mix.  However as Dr. Bob Nelson points out on this episode of A New Direction if you want more productive employees, loyalty, and a place where people want to come to work, then fun better be part of your package.  In fact, research tells us that the largest employable group, the millennials are looking for a work environment that is fun.  If it isn't. as they say, "we don't have time for that mess" and they get out. Dr. Bob Nelson along with Mario Tamayo have co-authored this outstanding book entitled, "Work Made Fun Gets Done!  Easy Way To Boost Energy, Morale, and Results"  The book is literally filled with more than 100 examples of how you can add fun to your work.   The fact of the matter is it starts with you as the employee finding ways to make work more fun.  Then it goes into the leader, the team, and the organization.  You area going to need to put everything you thought about work and fun in the back of your mind, because the research that Dr. Bob has done is sound and will blow you away.  Work Made Fun Gets Done!  isn't just a clever title it is a fact.  If your employees are not having fun at work you more than likely will struggle with profitability and turn over.  Get ready because your work/fun session is about to begin. Please thank the sponsors of A New Direction for their continued financial support! EPIC Physical Therapy from every day aches and pains, to injuries to keeping elite athletes at the top of their game, EPIC pt has the cutting edge equipment and the certified staff to create an individualized treatment program specifically for you.  They are my physical therapists and I think they should be yours too.  So if you want EPIC Relief, EPIC Recovery, and EPIC Results.  Start by contacting the great people at EPIC Physical Therapy….www.EPICpt.com Linda Craft & Team, Realtors for 35 years they have been known for having “Legendary Customer Service”.  Unaffiliated and independently owned and operated they can recommend the best real estate professional to help you sell your home or buy your next home anywhere in the world.  That is because they are not attached to a company they are attached to what is in your best interest.  So before you buy or sell start with the “Legends” at Linda Craft & Team.  Just click on over to www.LindaCraft.com