The Trumpet is Prayer .mp3

The Trumpet is Prayer .mp3

Preaching - Rick Ouma

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" The Trumpet is Prayer "

That's the title

of our Lunch Hour

Preaching Message


In Amos 3:6

A trumpet has the power

to impact a whole city.

When an enemy is attacking,

the trumpet is blown.

The people are affected by

panic, uncertainty, and fear.

But a trumpet can also be blown

when there is joy and celebration.

The type of sound from the trumpet

will determine how the people are


A good influence.

Or an evil influence.


In 1 Corinthians 14,

Paul compares

the trumpet to prayer.

You have a trumpet that can change

your situation, your family, your city,

your country!

The Trumpet is Prayer.


And then you realize that

YOU yourself ARE a trumpet!


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Be Blessed.