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13 May 2022

You shall be hated!.mp3

Preaching - Rick Ouma



" You shall be hated! "

That's the title

of our Lunch Hour

Preaching Message


In Mark 13.13

Jesus gave it to

his disciples straight!

You shall be hated!


"Lord, I wanna be loved

I wanna be appreciated,

I wanna be accepted."

Yes, you will get that

love from my people.

But the God haters,

the God skivers,

the Prayer avoiders,

the idol worshippers,

the Kingdom deprioritizers ...

... they shall hate you!

The demon infested,

the satan influenced,

the evil lovers,

the darkness dwellers,

the truth twisters,

the God's Creation wrestlers ...

... they shall hate you!

Be forewarned.

Get strengthened.

Get shielded.

The haters are coming!


Lunch Hour




12 May 2022

The Key.mp3

Preaching - Rick Ouma



" The Key "

That's the title

of our Lunch Hour

Preaching Message


In Galatians 5.16

Apostle Paul was writing

to the Galatian believers.

And he literally gave them

the Key to the Christian life!

The Galatians had a couple

of problems in their faith.

These problems revolved

around the Law of Moses,

and around their human

nature, or flesh.


Simply put, the Key to

victory in these and

other areas, is:

The Spirit of God!


May God help us to learn

more about this.

It will be the key to our

success, in the struggles

of our spiritual journey.


11 May 2022

The arrow is beyond you.mp3

Preaching - Rick Ouma



" The arrow is beyond you "

That's the title

of our Lunch Hour

Preaching Message


In 1 Samuel 20

David and Jonathan

had to part ways!

King Saul wanted to kill David.

Jonathan didn't believe it.

But later he found out that

it was true.

The signal for David to flee,

was in the arrows

that Jonathan

shot into the field.

And Jonathan's young assistant,

a boy, was also there

to collect the arrows.

One arrow in particular

was shot beyond the boy!

It was too far!

Or it was too difficult

to reach it!

Jonathan called out to the boy,

" Is not the arrow beyond you? "


So many times we are running after

an arrow that is beyond us.

There is so much pressure to

get more, go higher, reach further.

(And that's good, as long as God

is the one lifting us, increasing us,

promoting us, giving us the grace).

But what often happens is that

we find ourselves struggling,

stressed out, under pressure,

losing sleep, trying to attain

what is actually beyond our


The Kingdom of God is not

stress, struggle, self effort

and over ambition,

but it is joy and peace,

and the right living,

in the Holy Ghost.

Set yourself free today.

Enjoy your life!

Enjoy your place in life.


10 May 2022

The future belongs to God.mp3

Preaching - Rick Ouma



" The future belongs to God "

That's the title

of our Lunch Hour

Preaching Message


In Romans 4.18

Abraham had no children.

Sarah was past child bearing.

It seemed hopeless.

There was no reason

to hope.

There was no reason to think

that there could ever be any change.

It looked like things would always

be the same.

BUT don't underestimate God!

He raises the dead!

He does some sudden things!

He came to Abraham one day,

and told him that he and Sarah,

were going to have a baby!


GOD knows everything that

is ahead.

The future belongs to God.

He can alter the course of things.

He can superimpose the unforeseen.


He is going to do something good

for you!


09 May 2022

Tongue tied.mp3

Preaching - Rick Ouma



" Tongue tied "

That's the title

of our Lunch Hour

Preaching Message


In Mark 7. 35

A man was brought

to Jesus with a strange


His tongue was tied up.

He couldn't speak properly.

He couldn't express himself clearly.

As if that wasn't enough,

he had a second problem.

He couldn't hear!

He lived in his own silent world,

surrounded by his own personal


But Jesus is The Problem Solver.

He didn't turn this man away.

He healed him.

The man's life was suddenly

awake to new sounds,

and a whole new interaction

with society.

That's what Jesus will do for you!

Listen to


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06 May 2022

Wealthy in Word .mp3

Preaching - Rick Ouma



" Wealthy in Word "

That's the title

of our Lunch Hour

Preaching Message


In Colossians 3.16

Apostle Paul was

giving the believers

another one of his

Power Statements.

Paul's Power Statements

are found all over his Letters.

To the Philippians, he said,

" I can do all things through

Christ who strengthens me."


"My God shall supply all your need

according to his riches in Christ Jesus."

To the Romans, "All things work

together for good, to those who love

God and are called according to his purpose."

Paul's Letters are stocked

with these kinds of Power


They act as tools or instruments,

or equipment, or resources, that

help us along life's journey.

Life is a Sea, whose journey is

perilous and hazardous.

But The Lord gave us Paul

as his emissary, to equip us

for the journey.

One of Paul's Power Statements

is in Colossians 3.16.

Here, he instructed that

we be wealthy

in the Word of Christ.

With all it's rich wisdom and light,

the Word of Christ becomes

a vital resource along life's

rough journey.

Paul also instructed

to use this simple strategy: SING!


Here is


Lunch Hour



05 May 2022


Preaching - Rick Ouma




🎤 That's the title

of our Lunch Hour

Preaching Message



In Acts 27

Paul and the other prisoners

went through a storm

in the Mediterranean Sea.


The ship crashed on some rocks.

Then the soldiers wanted to kill all

the prisoners!

But Paul was SURVIVOR!


He had survived stoning.

He had survived mob justice.

He had survived corporal punishment.

He had survived assassination attempts.

And now he survived a storm,

a death threat and a snake bite!


No wonder he wrote in one of his

letters, "In All These Things,

We Are More Than Conquerors!"



Are you a survivor?

Will you survive Covid-19?

Will you survive Economic setbacks?

Will you survive Relationship challenges?

Will you survive Social erosion?


Become a Survivor,

by anchoring your faith

in the Word of God,

and trusting the Life

Saviour, Jesus Christ.


04 May 2022

Quick! Help! .mp3

Preaching - Rick Ouma



" Quick!

Help! "

That's the title

of our Lunch Hour

Preaching Message


In Psalm 70

David wasn't praising.

He wasn't extolling the Lord.

In Psalm 70

David wasn't describing

the wonderful attributes of God.

In Psalm 70

David was in a crazy

urgent situation.

He was broke,

and broken.

He needed God

to come through

faster than lightning!

He needed God

to answer quickly!

He requested God

to make haste.

To hurry!

He wanted God

to have no delay

no hesitation.

He wanted God to

Help him and Rescue

him, quick, fast and

in a hurry.


It's so good to know

that God understands!

God understands urgency.

God understands emergency.

God understands deep need.

"I will come and heal him",

said Jesus to the Roman

Centurion, whose servant

was at the point of death!


What is your urgent need today?

Pray with David in Psalm 70

and ask The Lord

to do a quick work!

We begin

the month

of May

with this


Lunch Hour



Listen and

Be Blessed.

29 April 2022

Go Over This Jordan.mp3

Preaching Rick Ouma



" Go Over This Jordan "

That's the title

of our Lunch Hour

Preaching Message


In Joshua 1.2

The people of God

had arrived at a boundary.

A transit point.

It was the Jordan River.

It separated between

their past life in the desert,

and the new place where

God was taking them.


The Lord is like a surgeon

or a botanist!

He changes hearts,

and conducts TRANSPLANTS.

Breaking off a branch

from one tree, and

ENGRAFTING it onto another!

Putting down one,

and promoting another.


May God do a

Divine Transplant

in your life today:

From April to May

From sickness to health

From inadequacy to abundance

From your current level

to a higher one!

Just as He did when He

TRANSLATED us from the

power of darkness

to the Kingdom

of His Dear Son!


Happy New Month!

Listen to


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28 April 2022

Father loves You!.mp3

Preaching - Rick Ouma




" Father loves You "

🎤 That's the title

of our Lunch Hour

Preaching Message



In Joel 2.25

God our Father

shows how much

He loves us.


He loves us so much

that He is able to

RESTORE that which

was lost, or stolen,

or damaged, or eaten.


Throughout the New

Testament, we are

reminded of the love

of Our Heavenly Father.


God's love is shown through

His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.


Jesus, is the Name we have

been given for our rescue.


It is through the Name of JESUS,

that we can know God's Grace,

and God's Love.


Be Blessed