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Worship Karaoke Radio
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About the station

Worship Karaoke Radio brought to you by Sing Pray Love. Sing Pray Love is an online christian based community based around the Line App Chat rooms, Smule App with Scheduled Sing live worship events. Sing Pray Love is bringing the Love of God with Music and Prayer. Our motto is we exist to edify the body... one song at a time. You can find our schedule of Worship events as well as our link to our Welcome line room if you wish to join our group. Our group accepts all persons whom wish to join from any race, color, creed, nationality or religion or denomination. We only ask that you speak English and have an understanding that this is a non-denominational christian based group and we will speak of the Bible and encourage singing songs that worship our one true God. Our Worship Events start @ 9pm Eastern. Sunday - @lissie4552 or @Jescoolio Monday - @Clint_B7419 Tuesday - @monty_bigpapa1 Wednesday - @YJP007 or @Jescoolio Thursday - @JasonRWallace Our Website is

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Worship Karaoke Radio
Worship Karaoke Radio

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