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About the station

*Voisey is an app that gives people an opportunity to create quality music and download videos and visual effects. While most Voisey artists are getting exposure on their Instagram, Facebook, Youtube & Twitter social networks, radio stations are not playing their music (to our knowledge). Welcome to VOISEE FM where you can hear music from all walks of life. it's also the place where the music of your favorite Voisey artists exists (exclusively), in one place. VOISEE FM Radio was created by a Grammy Nominated and Voisey recording artist for listener's who want to hear genres of every category. Thanks to the Voisey App creators, a platform has been created that is no longer a "cookie cutter", "one size fits all" alternative to music but a smorgasbord of music collaborated and produced remotely. The app is also a fun way that amateurs can experience the joy of music and video for the shear fun and love of it. The radio program lists will be updated according to the selection of A&R by Ranya World Music LLC, Voisey Featured artists lists, Selected Voisey Consultants and songs listeners want to hear most (to be determined). VOISEE FM plays music by Voisey artists only and will remain that way. ***VOISEE FM Radio has no connection with the Voisey App, its partners and/or affiliates other than they are grateful to be given a platform to express their talents while having fun. *Voisey is a collaboration between Norwegian and English music industry entrepreneurs Olly Barnes (Universal Music, Rdio, Space Ape Games), Erlend Hausken (Soundio, Vibble, Opera), Pål Wagtskjold-Myran (Soundio, Vibble) and Dag Langfoss-Håland (Sony Music, Soundio, Vibble).Jun 19, 2019

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