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TnPRadio-Kathleen Elle
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A singer-songwriter from NJ. Four years since the release of her multi-award winning debut EP “Helium,” Kathleen Elle launched her first full album, “Brainwaves.” This 10-track collection of stories about relationships and the joy, sadness, anger, regret, envy and laughter they bring, was released on all digital platforms at midnight on May 15th. Elle unexpectedly discovered her talent for writing music after taking a music writing course on a whim in high school. One of the first songs she wrote was an anti-bullying song “Don’t Let Them In” that filled a void in anti-bullying programs by speaking directly to the victim, instead of just to the bully (asking him to stop) or the bystander (asking him to stand up). The song’s message is to be true to yourself, don’t change for bullies, find those who accept you, and don’t let bullies’ hate into your heart. The song won multiple awards and scholarships from Seventeen Magazine, Abercrombie & Fitch, Campus MovieFest, and Lincoln Center. Most impactful though, was a message Kathleen received from a girl in the Philippines that she found it while attempting suicide for the second time due to bullying, and the song saved her life! Kathleen was also named a 2015 National YoungArts member for three other songs on her debut EP, “Helium.” You can catch her live on Twitch at Visit for more great music and new talent

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TnPRadio-Kathleen Elle
TnPRadio-Kathleen Elle

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