THE TWO MIKES DOUBLE HEADER WITH Todd Callender followed by Joel Skousen

THE TWO MIKES DOUBLE HEADER WITH Todd Callender followed by Joel Skousen

The Two Mikes

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Watch out for May 22nd, 2022!

"Biden is surrendering all American sovereignty to the World Health Organization and the UN on 22 May 2022." 

This is the fact the Two Mikes learned from Todd Callender when the three of us spoke today.

Mr. Callender, who is a military veteran and an international lawyer, explained that on May 22nd, a mission from the U.S. State Department will attend the WHO Congress at UN facilities in Geneva, Switzerland.

There they will, with hundreds of other nations, sign away the sovereignty of the United States on a WHO Treaty that will allow the WHO, when it declares a medical emergency, to take over all control of all health-related operations in the United States and give orders to the U.S. governments about how they will handle the American people.

A clear sign of what this means for American citizens is that the Department of Homeland security is now completing quarantine camps across America in which to incarcerate citizens who resist or defy the "mandates" issued by the Ethiopian communist who runs the WHO. In essence, the coming WHO Treaty will waive all of the rights Americans are guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution -- just as Obama did in his Safe-Cities deal and the Paris Climate Accord -- and that came to them via God's gift. Moreover, the WHO will have the right to bring in the UN's army of foreign mercenaries -- just as Trudeau brought in Nigerians to smash the freedom convoy in Ottawa -- to force Americans to follow orders.

U.S. governors and mayors also will have the power to call for UN forces to enter their states or cities -- thanks to Obama's Safe-Cities deal -- to force the populace's acceptance of the WHO's dictates. Because Americans now have a completely illegitimate and Nazi-loving government -- see the movie 2,000 Mules -- they will have to decide whether they will serve each other and their country by whatever means are necessary, or spend the rest of their lives serving the UN, Bill Gates, the Chinese communists, and other sociopaths, Nazis, and criminals.

According to US Attorney Todd Callender, The WHO will tighten up the necessary paperwork for a global health emergency response initiative, during this WHO meeting. This is how the US will effectively waive what’s left of it rights and sovereignty.

As Mr. Callender rhetorically asked on the Two Mikes show:
“How is it that January 6th protestors, some of whom didn’t do anything other than show up in DC, are sitting in a DC Jail (in solitary confinement) without so much as a Bond Hearing much less a trial, a year and a half later?”

He went to expand and deliver the point that:
“There are no constitutional rights; they were suspended. And frankly, they were suspended upon the global declaration of a public health emergency.”

Mr. Callender was referring to the World Health Organization’s “2005 International Health Regulations”.
In which according to his vetted research: “These public health emergencies override every other right that you think you had. Whether that’s a human right, or a constitutional right; our government goes into this very bizarre executive action where the courts become subservient, the legislature effectively becomes subservient, and the CDC becomes all-powerful. If you look at those provisions, you’ll see precisely what I’m talking about.
And what’s happening now is… perhaps a lot worse than that.”

So as most patriots and concerned citizens theorized, the Covid plandemic was nothing more than a trial run, in order to utilize the Hegelian Dialectic (Problem, Reaction, Solution).

And as Todd Callender warns us: “Now we are faced with another plandemic that must happen… Congress and the HHS have decided that we already have a Marburg pandemic, even though there’s only been ten deaths from Marburg across the globe in the last forty years.”

This can be cross-referenced through an article in the Epoch Times where they brief:
Proposal Of Sanctions On Countries Disobeying Who Pandemic Response Rules:

Failure to cooperate with the World Health Organization (WHO) during a pandemic should prompt sanctions on a country, some officials and experts are proposing. They point to China’s failure to share early information and fully cooperate with investigating the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic. Others, however, have sounded the alarm about giving the WHO too much power at the expense of national sovereignty.”

-Petr Svab, Epoch Times.

Todd correctly states that there are 400 Million people in China currently on lockdown; “you think they won’t do it to us… This takes the WHO to a new level of superiority”

Dr. Michael Scheuer’s most sincere concern and perhaps was the most alarming input; if our government is no longer legitimate, and is ceding control to international global tyranny through the usurpation of rights here at home, it leaves no options other than civil war.

To which Col Mike Asks the uniformed people in the USA:
"Who do you serve? … You and your families that live in your communities!”

This is one of the most important broadcasts that the Two Mikes have put on thus far (on level with breaking the news on the Hammer and Scorecard election theft episode, with General Thomas McInerney a day ahead of the election) and in this double-header of The Two Mikes we also include a beyond shocking interview with Joel Skousen-a World Affairs specialist. What he has to disclose about the planned decimation of the United States

and the ushering in of WW3 will leave you with a desire to plan for your family’s protection and you may seriously consider relocation of your family.

"Americans have waited too long to act ...Trump is not riding to the rescue ... a joint Russian-Chinese ​EMP and nuclear attack is ​in our future ... and the globalists are taking control." These are the words of Joel Skousen, a former U.S. Marine Corps' pilot and a 50-year student of international affairs, and now the editor-in-chief of the weekly World Affairs Brief . These statements are a mouthful, but Mr. Skousen also provides a splendid chronological history of how the United States arrived at this point, and that the only option Americans have now is to prepare their families and communities for the worst. Starting with Wall Street's funding of the Bolsheviks in 1917, and the successful Anglo-American operation to move Leon Trotsky and the $40 million he was carrying from the United States to Russia, and continuing through the sub-rosa aid given to the globalists, Russians, and Chinese by Bill Clinton in 1997 through his alteration U.S. nuclear doctrine by ending the "launch on warning" policy -- which would have allowed a U.S. nuclear attack to hit targets before the enemies attack arrived -- and replaced it with an "absorb the first strike" policy. Next, in 1997, Clinton ordered that 50% of the U.S. nuclear submarine fleet must remain in port at all times to show good will for China and Russia. Mr. Skousen closed by saying it's time for Americans to get out of cities to rural havens where survivors can form into small communities, to prepare for the worst by arming and stockpiling life's necessities, and to get acquainted again with the Bible.  

Also get the explosive new book by Robert F Kennedy Jr. The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health. Buy this book today from this tracking link at

--Mr. Skousen's websites are: and

--Mr. Skousen's books include:

--Strategic Relocation, North American Guide to Safe Places, Fourth Edition

--The High Security Shelter - How to Implement a Multi-Purpose Safe Room in the Home, 5th Edition [2017]

“Listening to Two Mikes will make you smarter!”

- Gov Robert L. Ehrlich, Jr

My fellow Americans: Patriots are not in control. The Military is not the way. You are not watching a movie… YOU are the plan; are you ready to hold the political elite accountable?


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