Dr. Li-Meng Yan: They Will Tell You Climate Change Is Causing the Pandemics

Dr. Li-Meng Yan: They Will Tell You Climate Change Is Causing the Pandemics

Dr. Michael Scheuer and Col Mike

About this episode

The Two Mikes had the privilege of speaking and, more important, listening with Li-Meng Yan, a renowned Chinese virologist who defected from the WHO center in Hong Kong, arrived in the United States in 2020, and has since been making every effort to expose China's responsibility for the pandemic and the reality that Beijing has more such biological weapons on the shelf to use against the United States and the world. After you listen to the Doctor you will not be surprised to learn that Beijing has said that it intends to make her disappear. While at the WHO facility in Hong Kong, Li- Meng Yan said she was fully aware of the involvement of Fauci, Gates, their associates, and U.S. money in China's effort to weaponize viruses.

Here are a few of the harrowing things she had to say:

--"The Covid-19 disease was released into the world by China's People's Liberation Army PLA) and the Chinese leadership later celebrated the lethal disaster they caused in the world.Those who designed the disease were given pay raises and new job titles. the disease was man-made and absolutely did not come from nature."

--"China trusts no foreigners, and finds Americans especially easy to exploit because of their good humor and optimism. China regards the latter as a human failure."

--"Bill Gates is a gangster who purchased a great deal of U.S. farm lands because he intends to destroy food safety in America by introducing pathogens in the crops grown on his land.

--"China had planned to release hemorrhagic fever at the 2022 Olympics but stood down at the last moment. This plan was modeled on the release of Covid-19 at the 2019 world military games in China."

--"China, Gates, and other nations next plan to push their plans for establishing a worldwide Climate Change tyranny by "proving" that climate changes are causing the pandemics."

--China has many more weaponized viruses to use against the United States when it believes the time is right."

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