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There is an abundance of positives taking place across Jamaica and the diaspora. Impacting Jamaica is an initiative to provide exposure to positive happenings, acts of kindness, activities and investments positively benefiting communities at every level, across every sector – to inspire, motivate and excite people everywhere.




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17 May 2022

Jamaican gets honour for public service excellence

Joe Halstead
In his 40-year career in the public service, Joe Halstead, a leader in the business and recreational sectors of the City of Toronto and the Province of Ontario who is now retired, says he has never taken on a role which did not provide him with satisfaction. Some, he says, may define that as being successful. He served as Commissioner, Economic Development, Culture and Tourism, City of Toronto (1998-2006) and the Commissioner of Parks, Recreation and Culture (North York 1994-1998). Before that he spent 24 years with the Government of Ontario in a broad range of management positions, rising to the position of Assistant Deputy Minister in the Provincial Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Recreation. A prolific volunteer, he was the former Chair of the Festival Management Committee, organizer of the Toronto Caribbean Carnival, and was the Co-Chair of the Jamaica 50th Anniversary Steering Committee, Toronto Chapter in 2012. Recently, the Black Business and Professional Association announced that he is the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award at its prestigious 40th Anniversary Harry Jerome Awards this year. Host Neil Armstrong chats with Mr. Halstead in this episode of Impacting Jamaica.
08 May 2022

Past students helping to transform Cornwall College

Cornwall College Old Boys Association
As the education sector in Jamaica rebounds from the paralyzing effects of the global health crisis, members of the Cornwall College Old Boys’ Association are ready and willing to offer much-needed help and support to the present cohort. Their bold rescue plan includes a robust mentoring initiative, bursaries to needy students and improvements to the e-learning platform. President Barry Harvey; Treasurer Helwig Stewart; and Director Charles Barnett are confident that they are onto a good thing for their alma mater and want others to join the process and be engaged. In this episode with Impacting Jamaica with host Aubrey Campbell, executive members talk about a range of initiatives, including a major November 19 event set for New York.
04 May 2022

RISE Life tackles gambling among children in Jamaica

Richard Henry
The advertisements are everywhere; luring Jamaicans to buy a ticket to their dreams. Legalised gambling is big business with huge amounts of money being won – and lost – daily. Children are not immune from the attraction of gambling, and some are betting from an early age, mostly on unregulated games in schools and communities. Some children lie, steal and fight to maintain the habit. On this Impacting Jamaica episode with host Luke Douglas, Mr. Richard Henry of RISE Life Management Services speaks about efforts of a programme, “to nip in the bud” the problem of underage gambling. The programme, sponsored by the Betting Gaming and Lotteries Commission, targets everyone – children, parents, community members and providers of gambling services.
01 May 2022

Julie Mango_mixdown.mp3

Juliet Bodley
Blackie, East Indian, Number 11, Bombay and of course Julie are just some of the types of mangoes we know and love in Jamaica. But no doubt about it, many Jamaicans love Julie. Interestingly, they are also quite enamoured by another ‘Julie Mango.’ Nicknamed by her father, Julie Mango is a popular social media influencer whose videos depict everyday aspects of Jamaican life with brilliance, accuracy, and humour. She is also a mental health advocate who is passionate about helping others to overcome their struggles. Join Impacting Jamaica host Shelly-Ann Harris for this inspiring conversation with Juliet ‘Julie Mango’ Bodley.
24 April 2022

Morant Bay High School Alumni, leading by example, impacting lives

Charles Murray
Guided by the mission of the Morant Bay High School (MBHS) Alumni Association, (to develop the leaders of tomorrow by preparing all students to meet the high academic, technical, civic and workforce challenges of the twenty first century), past students in the global space, along with faculty members and parents, are making a difference. They have supported a computer lab, launched a scholarship programme (that sees students through their stay at the school from second form); and now are building out the school’s Internet and Information Technology infrastructure. “We have been able to accomplish this only because of the significant contribution of our personal time, effort and resources, the support of our community, families, friends and sponsors, all working together,” said the association’s president Charles Murray in this episode of Impacting Jamaica with host Aubrey Campbell.
17 April 2022

Here’s how men can gain an inch…

Shani McGraham-Shirley
Health and wellness take the spotlight today with fitness expert Shani McGraham-Shirley as Impacting Jamaica celebrates its first anniversary. Shani, chatting at a virtual wellness summit earlier this month, declared that when it comes to taking control of your wellness, “half the battle is what we eat”. She added: “I feel moderation is key; and if we eat the correct portions and sizes that our bodies need you are better off…have a little bit of everything.” Shani told her audience of mainly men, that size does matter; she gave numerous reasons, including this one: For every 25lb to 30lb that a man loses, he actually gains up to an inch on his penis. The fitness expert has more in this anniversary episode of Impacting Jamaica.
12 April 2022

‘VM Group is the pulse of Jamaica’

Conroy Rose
The VM Group is committed to working for the benefit of all its members, declared CEO of VM Pension Management Limited, Mr. Conroy Rose. “We thrive on helping people to achieve financial wellbeing,” he emphasised. “We are driven by the need to serve our members…and that is the fundamental driving force that VM is driven by.” Looking at the pension situation in Jamaica, Mr. Rose noted that less than 10 per cent of the working population is a member of a retirement scheme. “You know what are the implications of this? When persons reach the age of retirement it is highly likely that many persons are going to be a burden on their loved ones or possibly a burden on the State,” he pointed out. Mr Rose implored workers, including the self-employed, to get on board and begin the process to save for retirement, noting the earlier persons begin, the better. “We are on a drive to educate Jamaicans about the importance of a pension plan,” he stated. The VM executive shared what the Group has to offer workers and members in this episode of Impacting Jamaica with host Keisha Hill.
10 April 2022

‘We are losing these young black boys to an idea’ | Pt 3/3

Sadiki Harris
Sadiki Harris, a child of Jamaican parents, is now a man fighting to keep his black community healthy through the organization, Black Thrive. His journey has brought up powerful questions, like ‘what is the black man?’ and ‘where does the idea of what a black man is come from?’. As he speaks to Impacting Jamaica’s Sinai Fleary, his work with Black Thrive and mental health takes an ever-so-slight detour, and he delves into deep-routed issues like what the ideal of a black man should be. But he comes full circle in what is the final episode in a three-part series and the work of Black Thrive is seen for what it is, incredibly necessary.
05 April 2022

I didn’t like Yaadies, but I liked Jamaicans. | Pt 2/3

Sadiki Harris
Sadiki Harris is Jamaican, but the marketing ace didn’t always want to be. Media representation and poor examples made him ashamed. That was until a trip to the island taught him different. A big part of Sadiki’s work with Black Thrive, an organization focusing on black mental health, is who he is, a Jamaican. ​ Impacting Jamaica’s Sinai Fleary began a conversation with Sadiki about his work with Black Thrive but could not avoid his intriguing take on his rich Jamaican heritage. Listen.
03 April 2022

The black man and mental health. | Pt 1/3

Sadiki Harris
Sadiki Harris is responsible for ensuring Lambeth’s black communities engage with mental health projects that Black Thrive provide. Sadiki joined Black Thrive after meeting Jacqui Dyer at a mental health conference in 2016. Initially he joined as a volunteer, but now he is a key and valuable part of the team – changing the “look” and “feel” of the mental health industry. Between 2010 and 2014, he was vice-chairman of the Lewisham Stop and Search group. He is also an unpublished writer, avid videographer, and talented graphic designer. Sadiki was raised in Brixton, south London, and is the child of Jamaican parents. He chats with Impacting Jamaica host Sinai Fleary in this the first of a three-part episode.