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These are Spirit-filled, life impacting church services and periodic events that will revolutionize your walk with God, solidify your profession of Christ, and make you triumphant in any life endeavour. @hcidanyame



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13 September 2020

046 - Excelling in Fellowship - Part 4

Ps. Prince Osei Akoto
In this exciting episode Pastor Prince Osei Akoto teaches on the effects of the anointing on Fellowship. He explains that when believers of common faith fellowship together they rub on each other the anointing, thus building capacities and producing explosive effects. Using the examples of David and Cyrus in the bible, he establishes the fact that when God appoints you, He anoints you as well for the great work that lies ahead. @hcidanyame
09 September 2020

045 - Excelling in Fellowship - Part 3

Lady Pastor Adwoa Afrakomah Baah Obeng
In this episode Lady Pastor Adwoa Baah Obeng teaches that since every believer is a part of the body of Christ, fellowship is a fundamental pillar of Christianity and it cannot be replaced by any other thing or activity. She establishes the fact that the focus of fellowship should not be us or our personal needs but rather that of others; looking for the best in others. She adds that there is a bigger picture to fellowship; fellowship not just for the now but fellowship in eternity. As such our fellowship should be in this manner continuing steadfastly in the apostles' doctrine with the desire that all be saved and firmly rooted in Christ, prepared for the coming of the Lord. @hcidanyame
06 September 2020

044 - Excelling in Fellowship - Part 2

Lady Pastor Adwoa Afrakomah Baah Obeng
Lady Pastor Adwoa Baah Obeng continues the series on Excelling in Fellowship. Based on the theme scripture Psalm 133:1, she explains that the element of Unity is very Perceivable and cannot be faked; a spiritual phenomenon, nothing to do with carnality. For in that place of Unity, God is present and the blessings of God trickles down to every member of the team in the body of Christ. She added that under girding factor of Christian fellowship is Christ, for we are not joined together by tribe or race but by the commonality of our faith. @hcidanyame
02 September 2020

043 - Excelling in Fellowship - Part 1

Pastor Daniel Agbeko Boafo
In this sermon Pastor Daniel Agbeko Boafo introduces the series Excelling in Fellowship. He brings to bare that everyone born of God is a member of the body of Christ, which is the Church. As such God never meant for any believer to be alone. He emphasizes that excelling in fellowship goes beyond coming to church but dwelling, living, participating and sharing our lives together with other believers with sincere Love and unfeigned Faith; having an unhurried attitude towards the things of God in Church. @hcidanyame