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Join the First Bible Network for lively discussion and a view on current events from the perspective of the first Pre-Nicene Christians. Listen 24/7 on the worldwide radio stream The Marcionite Christian Church was once the largest Christian church in existence, spanning the known world with millions of believers. It was founded in 144 A.D. and is responsible for the creation of the first Christian bible of that same year. Produced by the First Bible Network.



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02 January 2022

New Year Episode: Why Christians Should Not Wear Masks (or use Uber)


What was once old is now new again - welcome back to the world of the persecuted Pre-Nicene Christians. In todays episode, we explore the Covid mask fetish, its biblical backstory and why Christians shouldn't be wearing them - or using Uber. And a dash of good news later in the show.

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03 May 2021

The Lineage of Jesus and the False Dichotomy Deconstructed (in under 20 minutes)

Darren Kelama
27 April 2021

Your Church has Genuflected to Satan - But That Doesn't Mean You Should

Darren Kelama
19 April 2021

The Satan Reset (and how to opt out of it)

Darren Kelama
13 April 2021

The 'God Gene' and protecting yourself under the Covid Regime

Darren Kelama
09 April 2021

Christians forced underground: a look at your options for mass and sacraments

Darren Kelama
04 April 2021

"Happy Easter, You're Under Arrest"; Some Historical Perspective on the Persecution

Darren Kelama
01 April 2021

The coming ban on the New Testament and its historical parallels

Darren Kelama
27 March 2021

Church that banned RNA Covid jabs warns parishioners to stay away from 'vaccinated' people

Darren Kelama
22 March 2021

The theological bankruptcy of Romans Chapter 13

Darren Kelama

Romans chapter 13 is in stark contrast to everything written and believed by Paul the apostle. It's a passage that glorifies laws and the authority of men to rule over us and is antithetical to all we know about Paul. In this episode we find out who really wrote it - and why.


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