06 June 2021

Commanding Signs and Wonders from the platform of a Revival 1a – Pst. Wale Fafure

Wale Solomon Reflex
Sunday Teaching Series Commanding Signs and Wonders from the platform of a Revival 1a – Pst. Wale Fafure. * The midst of the year is ordained a season of revival. Hab 3:2, 17-19. * We must be spiritually awake if we want to make the most of this revival season. Gen 28:16 Pro 10:5, Eph 5:14. * Revival time is celebration of divine visitation among God's people. Gen 50:24, Ex 3:7-10. * The aftermath of every divine visitation from God is signs and wonders. Acts 3:3-16. WHAT IS A REVIVAL? 1. It is a platform for divine visitation ordained for a supernatural change of position. Hab 3:2-6, Zeph 3:17-19. ACID TEST OF A TRUE REVIVAL 1. When the heart of man begins to pant after God and the interest of His Kingdom. Ps 42:1, 34:10, Matt 6:33. BENEFITS OF A REVIVAL 1. Supernatural Elevation. Jer 30:19-21. 2. Supernatural Restoration. Joel 2:25-27, Zeph 3:17-19, Col 4:12. * It is God's Word that heals not the man of God. Ps 107:20. * The word of God is the balm in Gilead. Jer 8:22. * By redemption, we have been re-positioned above all the powers that causes sickness. Matt 4:23, Acts 10:38, Col 1:13, John 1:12. * By redemption, every believer has become a lively stone immune to all manner of sickness and disease. 1 Pet 2:5, Is 53:4-5. * The word of God is medicinal. Pro 4:20-22. * The word of God is surgical. Heb 4:12. * The word of God is creative. Gen1:1-3 * The word of God liberates. 1 John 3:8, John 1:5.