S1E5: Blitz Sports Magazine | Lebron and the Woke Crew - ‘I Ain’t Got No Quarrel With Them Vietcong’

S1E5: Blitz Sports Magazine | Lebron and the Woke Crew - ‘I Ain’t Got No Quarrel With Them Vietcong’

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10.19.2019  S1EP5 This week, Malik covers the Lebron James/NBA/China/Hong Kong controversy.   He is joined by Anthony Gilbert, Sports Writer for Hoop Magazine and NBA.com

As for the war in Vietnam, Muhammad Ali, condemned racial discrimination in America, declaring that “no Vietcong ever called me nigger.”  He went on to turn down the demand to enlist to fight in the war and served time in jail for not fighting.  He said:  ‘I Ain’t Got No Quarrel With Them Vietcong’

This week, LeBron James stepped up to try to share the point of view of most black people in the US after Daryl Morey tweeted his solidarity thoughts with the plight of the people in Hong Kong - and the subsequent fallout from the tweet.   LeBron's comments brought to mind the time, feel and comments made by Muhammad Ali when pressed to fight in the US Military in the Vietnam War.  ... there is so much going on in the US with cries of crimes against humanity in the black community.   This is a hot issue.  Hot conversation.  Listen.

76ers.  Both Malik and Anthony believe this is possibly the best 76er team since the early 80s.    Anthony shares some information about his upcoming story on Joe Johnson and his return to the NBA.   

Is the NBA ready for Zion Williamson?

Also discussed: Eagles, Dallas, Rams, and the Cleveland Browns

Kanye West appeared at Howard University's Homecoming wearing a MAGA hat.  It was controversial and the appearance was a low turnout.  

Music Playlist: Public Enemy [Public Enemy #1; Letter from the Government]; Jay Rock - WIN; Method Man featuring Redman, Streetlife & Hanz On - Wild Cats


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