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Animal Gyan - Land Animals

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Planet Earth consists of millions of wildlife species – some of them are visible to us on a daily basis while others live in wild forests or other humanly uninhabitable places. But despite this, each animal has its own biology and possess some unique characteristics which differentiates them from rest of the animal kingdom - be it the long neck of Giraffe, black and white stripes of zebra, huge physical structures of humpback whales, musical notes of a cuckoo bird or the ability to soar high in the sky of an eagle. Animal Gyan is an original podcast series by Chimes Radio – India’s 1st Audio Platform for Kids - where we talk about different animals and their unique features to introduce the wonders of nature to our young listeners. While scientifically animals are divided into 5 different phylum (Invertebrates, Vertebrates, Arthropods, Mollusks and Echinoderms), for the sake of simplicity, we have used a much simpler categorization of Land (terrestrial), Water (aquatic) and Air (aerial) animals. This book of knowledge in audio format provides children with an overview of some of the most popular animals from each of these categories while also delving into some amazing facts about them which probably you may not be aware of before. So let’s hop into these 2-minutes short audio animal encyclopedias to know more about the members of our animal kingdom! A land animal or terrestrial animal are those that lives on land. Listed below are some popular land animals that you ought to know about along with some of their fascinating characteristics.   For more kid's podcasts and 24x7 web radio, download the free 'Chimes Radio' apps from Apple and Google App Stores.




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28 May 2021


Chimes Radio
Goats are one of the oldest domesticated animals in the world. Mountain climbers by nature, they can even climb trees. Their eyes are unique they have rectangular pupils, which enable them to have a vision of about 340 degrees. Do you know how many stomachs do they have? Listen in to find out.     Support the show: See for privacy information.
24 May 2021


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These animals give us milk which we have everyday. Cows!!  Baby cows are called Calves, adolescents are called Heifers, ones which have given birth are called Cows and males are called Bulls. Listen in to more about the most common cattle in the world.     Support the show: See for privacy information.
13 April 2021


Chimes Radio
Orangutans are tree dwelling apes, which live in nests on trees. Natives of Malaysia and Indonesia, these apes share 97% of their DNAs with humans. They use all their limbs to eat, and can be very noisy like little kids. Listen in to know more about them.     Support the show: See for privacy information.
03 April 2021


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These tree climbing large lizards have 3 eyes. Iguanas make great pets, people keeping them have to provide hot, humid and climbing space to them. Iguanas are great runners and efficient swimmers. How their third eye fuctions, listen in to know.  Support the show: See for privacy information.
02 February 2021


Chimes Radio
Let us talk about an animal which is man's closest relative. Gorillas have 95% DNA common to man. African natives, these primates are the largest of the group. They are intelligent animals, who have been noted to respond to about 2000 spoken English words.  Support the show: See for privacy information.
30 January 2021

Komodo Dragon

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Let us talk about world's largest living lizards, Komodo Dragons. They dwell in dry and hot climate. These intelligent and playful animals can swim very efficiently. Despite their body weight, they run very fast.  Support the show: See for privacy information.
18 January 2021


Chimes Radio
Let us talk about these cool-looking land animals which are identicals to camels and sheep. Llamas are big friendly mammals that communicate musically with their herd by humming. These wool-bodied animals are native to South American Planes.  Support the show: See for privacy information.
16 January 2021


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Just like you and me, sloths are also very lazy. These animals are the slowest moving animal in the world. Did you know once upon a time these animals were listed as one of the largest in the world? But now, they are just medium-sized animals hanging on the trees. To know more about these lazy little sloths listen to the entire podcast.  Support the show: See for privacy information.
28 December 2020


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Pangolins are basically nocturnal animals and have an almost impenetrable defense mechanism. Having poor eyesight, these animals are blessed with a great sense of smell.  Let's learn some more interesting facts about this unique animal.  Support the show: See for privacy information.